Wednesday, June 20, 2007

When Suspects Aren't Suspects

This somewhat lengthy clip (a little over five minutes) features Nifong attempting to explain why the 46 white members of the lacrosse team were not suspects--even though his office had obtained a non-testimonial order explicitly identifying them as suspects, and even though Nifong continued to use evidence obtained from that order in his quixotic crusade to obtain indictments.


Anonymous said...

KC, quit stonewalling!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord. Easley is putting Jim Hardin back in as DA.

Anonymous said...

I've been away a bit ... WHAT is it you think KC is stonewalling us on?

I can't even bring myself to view these clips, as the intro from KC is enough to make me cringe at watching Nifong just self distruct under the questioning of a professional. Shameful that Durham had a bozo like this for so long.

How many cases to reopen in the County?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting how defiant he is in these clips?

I didn't get tuned into the video until late so I didn't see these before. The transformation from this Nifong to the weepy Nifong I saw in the later clips is pretty dramatic. I think his lawyers took him aside and gave him the bad news sometime Friday.

Think the bar panel told them what was coming?

After all, the man in these clips is pretty righteous in his assertions that he was honest even if he made a "mistake" here and there.

I think he believes in these clips that he's going to get through this intact.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, KC is holding the late evidence to protect Jim Hardin. After all, he endorsed Nifong to the governor in the first place.

Ralph Phelan said...

4:49 - Whatever the heck it is you keep demanding KC post for you ... could you just post a link already?

Or if it's not online but you have the text, post the text in a comment.

KC's done an awful lot of work and dug up an awful lot of stuff. If you think he missed something, quit bellyaching, pitch in show it to us already!

humboldtblue said...

"Perhaps, KC is holding the late evidence to protect Jim Hardin. After all, he endorsed Nifong to the governor in the first place."

What is the "late" evidence and why is Hardin now implicated in Nifong's mess? He recommended a career prosecutor to fill the post on an interim basis, is he now somehow responsible for Nifong's ridiculous actions?

Anonymous said...

Re: Stonewaller
This a-hole is fragging everybody and everywhere. Ignore him.

Anonymous said...

JLS says....,

Professor Johnson, What you are missing is that Mr. Nifong only suspected the the Duke lacrosse players were suspects. The NTO was needed because Mr. Nifong also suspected that the suspected suppects had left suspect DNA on Ms. Mangum. To check out this suspicion the suspected suspects suspected DNA was needed. Thus the Duke lacrosse players were not suspects, but rather suspected of being suspects in a crime that Mr. Nifong suspected had taken place. Thus Mr. Nifong viewed it as perfectly ok to use suspected suspects filler as long as he did not use confirmed suspects as fillers.

Anonymous said...

The NTO order itself for all 46 lacrosse players was extraordinary. Nifong himself said he had never seen such an order for more than a single individual. Also, Nifong's story that he saw the order just sitting on the copy machine does not pass the smell test. Does ADA Saacks who sought the order or Judge Stephens who granted the order have any culpability?

I find it hard to believe that Nifong is the only one in the D.A.'s office with dirty hands.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing up what Nifong 'suspected."

Anonymous said...

Hardin would have been smart enough not to put Meehan available for questioning in December.

Anonymous said...


There sure was a lot of suspects to be suspected of being suspect. I suspect you are right about the whole idea of being suspected of something because something was suspectedly suspected of happening. I may have to had meant to say suspeciously, no maybe suspecious, had been suspected of happening, but I'm not sure or I ain't a DA. Crap! Whatever! They're guilty, right? (What in the hell was Nifong thinking?)