Monday, May 21, 2007

Tonight's City Council Meeting

Both Liestoppers and John in Carolina have introductions to tonight's meeting of the Durham City Council, which will reveal how aggressively the Council wants to probe the DPD's procedural violations and pattern of questionable behavior.

Hopefully, the Council will hear from concerned citizens that, with the Baker/Chalmers report, enough is enough for the DPD.


Michael said...

[Councilman Thomas Stith, though, said the city shouldn't need another report to make clear the police department erred. He doesn't support an independent review.

"At some point we have to accept responsibility," he said. "The council needs to show leadership now and say, 'Yeah we made mistakes, the department deviated from procedures and gave too much deference to a rogue prosecutor.' "]

I would hope that accepting responsibility would include paying for legal costs and compensation for the amount of time lost by the players and their families (all of the players and their families).

Anonymous said...

If they do not insist upon an independent review and act accordingly upon the results, then Durham deserves everything it gets from the DPD and students at Duke should exit immediately. I would have no sympathy for the citizens and students who chose to remain silent and inactive.

Anonymous said...

K C and other bloggers have provided Durham citizens with all the amunition they need. They are now well armed and all the research, thinking and leg work has been done for them. It is now time for them to get out of the Lazy-Boy and DO SOMETHING. If they do not, then they can live with DPD's brand of justice. K C cannot do it for them.

Anonymous said...

I will be amazed if this meeting uses the roadmaps provided by bloggers. Clearly, Durham citizens do not care about this stuff. Right, they will voluntarily pay off the defendents. Any civil suits will be going on for years - until as in any case, the pay off is generated by the interest on the principal.

Anonymous said...

Allowing Nifong or the DPD to admit that mistakes were made is giving them an easy out.

There were no mistakes, but instead, calculated steps that were taken to diffuse the typical race riots that occur after whites are found innocent of crimes against blacks.

The guilt of Colin, Reade and Dave would have assured Durham protection against the riotous Sharpton's and Jackson's who were waiting in the wings.

That's what Nifong and the DPD really need to admit.

Anonymous said...

Jesse and Al got out of this very quickly. What does that mean? did they recognize this as a non event? Did they meet with Crystal or was the family enough?

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Sorry, this is totally off topic - but I just finished reading "A Rush to Injustice" by Baydoun and Good. A better title might be "A Rush to (write about) Injustice" since this book was obviously hurried into print with little effort made for readability and clarity. I've been immersed in this scandal since way last year and hence am quite familiar with the facts - but even I had trouble following what was written in this book.

For instance, in the first chapter the authors begin by saying a rape did not happen but in the next page begin to describe an horrific gang rape as if it DID - only much later do you realize they were quoting Crystal's lies. It also doesn't help that there are no pictures (save on the cover), no maps, timeline (except at the back of the book and then only of the party itself) etc. - preventing one from grasping fully what had happened to whom and when, etc. Adding to the confusion is Baydoun's incessant musings as to what he thinks might have happened or should have happened, what someone ought to have done, etc. - instead of just saying how it all went down. Listening to Baydoun go on about his intense love of Duke and how hurt he was at how badly it was disgraced by Brodhead, Steel, the Gang of 88, etc., made me sympathize but I still felt like Sargeant Friday begging 'just the facts, please'.

The writers are sincere and their hearts are in the right place, bless them. It's just that this book needed a good editor and did not get it.

Anonymous said...

I never intended to buy this book. Kc's and Pressler's book is enough. I also bought copies for Xmas presents this year.

Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath for the Durham City Council to do anything about those who are responsible for this hoax.
These people will never do anything against other black "leaders" unless they are forced to.
That's why Mayor Bell was trying to get AG Cooper to do his work for him.
Durham is a very f****d up place, in case anyone still doesn't know. It's consistently run by a tight circle of black incestuous morons who keep each other on the taxpayer gravy train. I'd be shocked if the city council does anything. They have the duty to get rid of Baker and Chalmers, but let's see.

Anonymous said...

Stating what is other people's DUTY is always a questionable enterprise.

Anonymous said...

What a bullshit comment.

Anonymous said...

4:49:00's statement has interesting implications regarding the use of convoluted 'greater good' logic. Would white governance agree to sacrifice innocent white people (especially those without the money for a robust defense) if it meant precluding black violence?

LarryD said...

2:10 Some would, I'm certain.

John 11:49-50

Then one of them, named Caiaphas, who was high priest that year, spoke up, "You know nothing at all! You do not realize that it is better for you that one man die for the people than that the whole nation perish."

If 4:49 is right, then Sharpton and Jackson need to be hammered for the environment they created, so far they're skating for their involvement in this case. But they've been having an uncharacteristically low profile in this (which could be interpreted as evidence that 4:49 has a point).