Monday, May 07, 2007

Feinstein: "They're Probably Guilty of Everything but Rape"

An astonishing statement from sportswriter John Feinstein about Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty, and Dave Evans Friday on radio station KNBR:

I think they’re probably guilty of everything but rape.

His evidence for this assertion, which, taken literally, suggests that the sportswriter believes they were guilty of sexual assault and kidnapping (which certainly fall under the heading of “everything but rape”)?

I didn’t see any regret on their part that they were an out-of-control team for a long time.

Feinstein apparently missed the Coleman Committee report, which showed that team members had a disproportionately high rate of citations for minor alcohol-related offenses—behavior not atypical of many Duke students. It also noted, “By all accounts, the lacrosse players are a cohesive, hard working, disciplined, and respectful athletic team . . . Their reported conduct has not involved fighting, sexual assault or harassment, or racist behavior.” The committee praised the team’s record of community service and strong academic performance. Hardly the picture, it would seem, of an “out-of-control team.”

More Feinstein:

I haven’t seen anybody say, You know what, maybe we acted badly.”

Feinstein apparently missed the March 28, 2006 statement by the captains in which they apologized for “having the party on March 13 which has caused so much anguish for the Duke community and shame to our families and ourselves.” He also apparently missed Dave Evans in the first 60 Minutes interview similarly apologizing.

To review: in a radio interview, John Feinstein made a stunning allegation--that Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty, and Dave Evans were “guilty of everything but rape. The only evidence he had for this allegation was that he had not heard an apology (even though the players repeatedly apologized). Nor, it appears, did he ever read the Coleman Committee report. Why let facts gets in the way of the argument?

“At least express,” Feinstein continued, “some regret over the behavior that might have led to this disastrous evening. And I really don’t want to hear that they’re victims and martyrs, and that their lives have been ruined. Because a lot of conservative white America will jump on them and make them into heroes now. They’ll do just fine.”

In other words, because the three players received support from “conservative white America” (surely an unusual description of people like Jim Coleman or Jeralyn Merritt) all is OK in the end.

Feinstein mentioned at the start of the interview that he was speaking to the host over the telephone from Camden Yards, where he was watching an Orioles game with his daughter. I wonder if he would be similarly cavalier if a race-baiting prosecutor decided to nifong his daughter.

Feinstein did criticize both Nifong and Duke, as he had in his Washington Post article. But in the end, he held to a position so characteristic of people in this case: “I don’t think I’ve been proven wrong.”

Does that mean that Feinstein continues to believe—as he stated in March 2006—that Duke should immediately revoke the scholarship of every member of the lacrosse team, an over-the-top reaction exceeded only by Group of 88 stalwart Houston Baker’s demand that the entire team be immediately expelled from the school? Apparently so. He decided not to bring up his own rush-to-judgment reaction in his KNBR interview. After all, “I don’t think I’ve been proven wrong.”

Hat tip: Bob in P.


Anonymous said...

He must have had a beer or twelve, doesn't sound like the John I knew. Sad, his bitterness toward Duke is now consuming him. The scorned lover.


Anonymous said...

Sounds completely like the John I know. Once had to listen to him spew hate about UNC for an hour at a dc dinner party. It wasn't even close to rational. In fact, he was never in touch with reality. who cares?

Anonymous said...

He is just another pathetic writer who never played an athletic event in his life, is envious of people who are intelligent, successful and are athletic. Nobody takes him seriously.

Anonymous said...

This is where Coach K should step in...John just cares about Duke Basketball...not Duke or Duke Athletics as a whole. K should let him have it.

Anonymous said...

This shouln't surprise, but Johnnie Boy's curent hometown is Potomac Maryland- with economic and social demographics much like the boys' hometowns. Perhaps his family might find the limosine liberal paradise he craves in Northeast DC

Anonymous said...

This shouln't surprise, but Johnnie Boy's curent hometown is Potomac Maryland- with economic and social demographics much like the boys' hometowns. Perhaps his family might find the limosine liberal paradise he craves in Northeast DC

Anonymous said...

This is where sports reporters should stick to what they do - report sports - do not engage in social, political, or legal commentary.

Deklan Singh said...

Ok, I'll just say it. The Lacrosse players did nothing wrong.

Underage college students drinking alcohol, while technically illegal, is not wrong.

Giving a fake name to a striptease service is NOT WRONG. I give a fake name to Pizza Hut.

Making a backhanded derogatory statement to a stripper who's just called you a "little dicked white boy" is not wrong, just pointless and ill advised.

Only McFayden's butchering of a Brett Easton Ellis narrative mechanism could even be considered a "wrong" thing to do.

The wrong done that night, and for many nights after that one, was done by Crystal Gail Mangum. That is all there is to say.

The boys aren't heroes, but they get some sympathy/empathy and certainly some credit for being legally and socially raped for an entire year.

Anonymous said...

Feinstein is clearly just another ignoramus, shooting off his big mouth when he doesn't know f*ck-all about the facts. What a moron.

Anonymous said...

Given how remarkably uninformed JF is about this case, does anyone else wonder about all the books he has written, and how much actual research, preraration and fact finding was done? Just wondering . . .

hman said...

Feinstein seems to have been beside himself with jealosy towards successful athletes like the Duke Lax team even before this case began. His sense of "Oh Boy!!, They are going to get it now!!" must have been intensively gratifying, for a long time.
When all of that was suddenly snatched away from him and the National Media celebrates their innocence and something close to apologies are heard -the pain he felt probably could be described. So he now lashes out like a man unhinged by grief.
The thing is, the Lax three are going to be totally, publically innocent for a long time. Feinstein would be well advised to get over it.

Anonymous said...

deklan singh,

I beg to disagree: the boys
ARE heroes. I know of few people
who could have withstood such
a grave injustice, threats and
taunts, and remained quiet.

Feinstein - as someone pointed
out - is typical of jock-sniffers
who write about sports, but can't
perform them in any real sense.
However, he should be held
accountable for his animous
- (more than Imus) - if only
because the athletes who were
charged were declared INNOCENT
of ANY CRIME. Not just rape.

And so it goes: it would be dearly
hoped-for that Feinstein is sued
out his wazoo, since he has
attacked and declared guilty
persons who in no way resemble
public figures. Just like
Imus, but Imus didn't even
begin to insist that the
the young women were criminals.

Feinstein is still insisting
that criminal behavior was
the rule.

If anyone thinks that lawsuits
won't be brought against people
of his ilk, they might want to
look at the laundry-suit-lawsuit.
People will sue for anything!

And in this case, maybe they
should. Lawyers?

Anonymous said...

anyone have an e-mail address for Mr. Feinstein? I can't seem to locate one. I'd simply like to advise him that as a previous purchaser of his books, I now have serious reason to doubt the veracity of what he writes given how little he worries about facts.

Chicago said...

As stated in other instances, if a person were to change the words "white" to "black" in Feinstein's statement, he would become the next Imus to the media. What Imus said was horrendous and inexcusable, but I am just pointing out the double standard here. Feinstein's comment will go unnoticed by the media I am sure.

Feinstein is loyal to Duke basketball and that is it. Such fans are not needed.

rod allison, detroit said...


He has issues with "white America," which he obviously considers an outgroup.

Bigotry has a way of clouding one's judgement. Feinstien should keep his bigotry to himself.

Anonymous said...

I believe he can have the opinion that there was not enough regret or contrition expressed by the team members - what there was publicly broadcast was not overwhelming. Unfortunately the excessive disdain in his voice is palpable.

But to claim that all of the present (or the 2006) team members are responsible for all that came before without an elaboration is frustrating. Identification of the historical behavior would help others get an understanding of the situation and would make him seem less like an unbearable ogre.

He did say they were screwed by teh prosecutor, Duke threw them under the bus, Duke should pay their legal fees.

becket03 said...

It's the astounding lack of grace so evident in Duke 3 bashers that continues to surprise and dismay me. Why is it so difficult for them to admit error? Are they perfect, error free people, the only ones on the planet? Why do they seem to delight in hurting these kids so?

If I had a nickel for every mistaken analysis I've made since my youth, Bill Gates would be hoping to catch me in personal wealth. I've admitted to plenty of faulty opinions once new information caused me to change my mind. I see no dishonor in it!

The people who continue to bash the Duke 3, none of whom did anything to deserve it (no evidence exits that racial slurs emanated from them), are shameless creeps.


Cedarford said...

Feinstein is a nebbish. A very smart, unathletic person who since boyhood has basked in the reflected glory of athletics with peripheral roles. Typically, the adulation of the nebbish for black athletes remains pure and untarnished, while cynicism and contempt for white athletes grows with age. (A tell-tale sign of older liberal nebbish sportwriters - unlimited sympathy for the "fallen minority athlete", full war against any white athlete or group that the nebbish knows he would be the leader and intellectual superior in the comapny of his his fantasies - alas, if he was ONLY ATHLETIC!)

One of Feinstein's nicknames is "Junior", despite not having the suffix in his name. The name was given by fellow Washington sportswriter and commentator Tony Kornheiser because of the similarities in his temper to John McEnroe.

In short - a whiney, immature, tempermental, rude little prick. Sportswriters hated McEnroe in his heyday. That they would fondly bestow that nickname on the Spawn of the Group of 88 is telling on where Feinstein rated socially with his peers.

Feinstein covers Naval Academy games. He got in trouble for an on-air obscenity a few years back and the Academy decided to keep him. (He didn't say the opponents were nappy-headed 'ho's). Unknown if Feinstein has opined at length about the guilt of Naval Midshipmen in several well-publicized rape and false rape cases. Unlikely. Nebbish sportswriters and broadcasters of Feinsteins self-acknowledged high intelligence know rule #1 is to never bite the hand that feeds them, and rule #2 is to minimize trouble non-white athletes get in, especially their employer's.

When not living in his posh Maryland locale, Feinstein maintains a summer home in the "B-List Hamptons Celebrity Ranking of most desirable real estate" in 98% white Shelter Island, Long Island..

Feinstein sometimes fills in as a guest host on The Jim Rome Show. Rome considers Feinstein to be one of the most intelligent people he's interviewed on the show...

William Jockusch said...

While people such as Feinstein are annoying, they are not the source of the problem. What is needed in the Duke case is criminal conspiracy charges against the culprits. Not just Nifong. Against everyone involved in the conspiracy to frame Read Seligmann, David Evans, and Colin Finnerty.

Unfortunately, I don't think it will happen. More likely, only Nifong will be charged. And the police will, once again, get the message that it's OK to frame someone.

bill anderson said...

What a total ass. A TOTAL ass. And an ignorant ass at that.

Anonymous said...

Like a lot of things in the lacrosse hoax, consider the source...Some people, like Feinstein, have deep, personal and almost pathalogical agendas based on perceived slights by others. In Feinstein's case, he is about as logical as Wendy Murphy when it comes to Duke and Duke athletics--excepting his relationship with the basketball program. He and some of his unsupported views have become increasingly marginalized by the Duke community and a bit of an embarassment to the athletic program. I heard him in an off the wall and inappropriate rant against the Duke administration at a Duke function years ago that suggested that he had a real problem with the university and he didn't care how much a fool he appeared to be. He was making up things as he went along...the crowd thinned as he got louder. His crowd is thinning daily. Ignore him.

Anonymous said...

The quotes from this brilliant sportswriter are clearly meant to reflect "Feinstein's Theory of Moral Relativity". This is where you begin with your end result: "guilty of everything but rape", then bloviate about the lack of hooligan remorse while dodging the mountain of inconvenient truths of the case (aka facts), and back into the original Nifong theorem: "Something Happened"

Sheer genius!

Someone please get me a barf bag!

Anonymous said...

I agree, but what keeps you and others from fully understanding such people?
It's been explained many times. This country is full of African American racists who pretend surfacely to be upstanding fair minded people. That is just pretense. What is never openly discussed has come out clearly in this case. Some white liberals hold similar views.
Very few African Americans want to stop using the slavery issue as if we are still back in the 18th and 19th centuries. Most will not own up to all the special privileges they enjoy. Just to complain for more and seek racial revenge.
Almost as a monolithic group they wanted the lacrosse players sent to prison. Very few spoke out for fairness.
That's a documented fact. Even some African American acquaintances of mine wouldn't say very much about the injustice. When the subject came up this past year, all of them, I mean ALL OF THEM either changed the subject or made a slight comment about Nifong being in trouble. These are well educated people, yet their ingrained prejudices would not allow them to speak objectively about what was done to these three men.
No denying it. African Americans as a group are one of the most racist groups in existence.

Anonymous said...

If, when I was a student, I and a group of friends had gotten ripped off for $800 and had to witness such bizzare and disgusting behavior from two individuals as is documented in the AG report, I am pretty sure someone would have said things that were far worse than anything said that night and far worse than the content of the infamous e-mail. If, at the time, e-mail had been in widespread use, I suspect there might have been an e-mail with the same sort of comments -- worse than what was seen here and probably more direct. In fact, I suspect the $800 would have been reclaimed.

It is all about context. The "bad enough" comments are the same thing as "blaming the victim" and can only stand when presented out of context. Look at the context of the "Everything but Rape" comment.

Here, you have an adult, giving a public interview, having seen what can happen when you insult the hair of a sports team, who made this comment and went on the make an argument to back it up. This, despite a very clear statement that there had been no crime and that detailed what did happen that night. So, on top of everything else, he is indirectly calling the AG and investigators liars.

As with so many other things in this affair, there is no proportion and a glaring double standard.

martin said...

Among all the adjectives here used to describe junior feinstein, the one most obvious appears to be missing: ugly. Both kinds.

miramar said...

As Senator Daniel Patrick Moynahan once observed, "Policymakers are entitled to their own opinions —but not to their own set of facts." I would say the same goes for journalists. It's unfortunate, but Feinstein has become so petty and mean spirited that seems to be channeling his nemesis Bob Knight.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

The Duke scandal has revealed a disgusting truth about the media - too many of them choose feelings over facts.

Feinstein's 'feelings' make me want to barf. And that's a fact.

Anonymous said...

Feinstein obviously has significant personal issues. He's using his podium to vent them, which is unconscionable.

Anonymous said...

Feinstein is a self loather. For him to lash out at white conservatives is funny. I absolutely do not understand why so many American Jews are liberals. Can't they comprehend that white conservatives are just about the only advocates and supporters that Israel has? American Jews need their Israeli kinfolk to give them a quick lesson on how to distinguish between friend and foe.

I once asked Dennis Prager, an American Jew of the conservative persuasion, why people like Spielberg, Geffen, Streisand, and Hollywood Jews in general are so anti- Bush and anti-Republican. I was expecting a complicated, nuanced answer, but he simply replied, "They are stupid"! It is incredible that such gifted and talented people could be so dangerously ignorant about something that should be very dear to them.

That Feinstein is such an idiot about the LAX3 does prompt me to disbelieve anything he should ever say or write.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
He is just another pathetic writer who never played an athletic event in his life, is envious of people who are intelligent, successful and are athletic.

Actually, Feinstein was a scholarship swimmer when he went to Duke. His swim career ended when he got an injury, and he started writing for the Chronicle--hence, a sportswriter was born.

So at some point, Feinstein was an athlete--a Duke athlete, no less. Why he is so anti-Duke now is a mystery, but he has expressed venomous and profane opinions about Duke many times.

bill anderson said...

What does Feinstein use as evidence? Is he that sloppy when researching his own books and articles? Guess he must be.

Anonymous said...

The man (Feinstein) has never gotten over his injured ego when Duke failed to chose his friend for a major position in the athletic department. How dare the University ignore his expert opinion and NOT hire who he says they should hire!

A few years ago he completely lost it on the air while broadcasting a Duke-Navy football game. (He has been a Navy football play by play guy for some time.) His anti-Duke venom and his use of profanity ON THE AIR - which he later had to apologize for - show just how far out to lunch he has become in regards to Duke. Pure hate welling up from this clown.

Perhaps we can paraphrase: "Hell hath no fury like an overwrought, self important, pompous and egomaniacal sports writer scorned."

Anonymous said...

Coach K could reel Feinstein in if he wanted to, but Coach K has been a fainting coward throughout the entire debacle. He wields more clout than anybody associated with Duke, yet has done oh-so-little to stand up for the falsely accused LAX3, or to at least challenge Brodhead, or the Gang of 88 during their initial piling on and pot banging.

My guess is that he fears some black recruit's mama asking him why he defended marauding white boys versus an innocent, young black girl just trying to feed her babies. My hope is that the best white high school ballers' moms ask him why he never uttered a peep in defense of the LAX3. And then they send their white sons to play hoops elsewhere.

Coach K has stayed in his bunker throughout this ordeal, and I expect he'll Prairie Dog now and then, but remain in a gutless, self preservation mode.

Anonymous said...

TO 1:42PM--

IMO, anyone who is the arts or the entertainment profession is almost compelled by the existing environment to be liberal.

It's not that these people know much--or anything, really--about politics and the significant problems of the world. It's just that those problems can be very emotional and people in the arts thrive on emotion. It provides a life script for them and assists their livelihood.

If you have never lived in this environment, it's difficult to fully explain. The end results of their"advocacy", their "fundraisers", their many "charity" events aren't the most important things to them. It's being seen and perceived by others as being "progressive"....."broadminded"......"cosmopolitan"....."a deeply compassionate artist"......etc.......that informs their motivations.

And don't ever question them or you will have a fight on your hands....Rosie O'Donnell-style.

I have intimate kmowledge of these things because I was very much like this growing up.....continuing up until the 1990's......when reality began to sink in. Had I stayed in music and drama inside the world of the arts, I no doubt, would not have changed. But even in my early youth I could see how ridiculous some of their antics were.

When your life consists of make-believe and creating storylines for entertaining others, it's all but impossible to want to be pragmatic......or need to be.

Bono of U2 is an exception as he appears to be a true believer and authentic in his endeavors. Evidence of that is how he has always gone across the political aisle--from Jesse Helms to Teddy Kennedy--to acquire assistance when needed for his causes. He is one of a kind.

Lastly, when I was outspoken against conservatives as a kid, none of those people ever tried to muzzle my opinions.

I have only experienced my freedom of speech assaulted by Liberal Democrats when I voiced differing views from them.

People like Feinstein and the Duke Gang of 88 are illustrative of this tyrannical behavior.

Curious, that.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone found an e-mail addy for Feinste? I'd like to point out his numerous errors.

I wonder where this holier than thou moral purity took place in these Duke 3 bashers. Has Feinstein ever visited a strip club? Did Feinstein ever take a drink before the age of majority? Another thing I've wondered - back when the drinking age was 18 in many states - when a 19 and 20 year old took a drink - was that a mortal sin to the Duke 3 bashers - or did it just become a sign of moral depravity once the Government decided to change the drinking age?

What we do know of Mr Feinstein is that he has engaged in more profanity laced diatribes over the airwaives for public consumption - prompted by a bad referee call , than the Duke 3 ever engaged in while in the middle of a monumental injustice.

Anonymous said...

Does it sound like John Feinstein, as a kid, got beat up by someone who looked just like Collin Finnerty?

"They're probably guilty of everything but rape -- including beating me up in 3rd grade."

Oh, yes, and "including getting all the girls who wouldn't give me a second look."

Anonymous said...

Also, (to 1:42PM), let me add that for many of the Hollywood crowd, being a Liberal Democrat is more of a uniform than informed decision.

I laugh out loud sometimes because in high school and college, I just always had to have a Louis Vuitton bag to carry--the one with the shoulder strap. Why? Not because I had researched the venerable French company to learn its rich history through the ages of saddle-making.....but because it was a "uniform" that made a statement that said I was certainly "in" and "cosmopolitan". LOL!!!

Hollywood types acquire their political stripes the very same way.

Look at most of them--not all. They often are not college-educated and have come from very modest backgrounds, etc.....

When they "hit it big" and make all that money, why wouldn't they follow the philosophy and the ways of those around them who have helped in their success?

It's mostly uninformed compliance at work and the fact that newfound wealth insulates them from everyday reality.

It should be noted that certain actors have come out as conservatives after they've achieved "screw-you" financial status.


Anonymous said...

Greatly appreciate your thoughtful reply to my 1:42 posting. I believe what you say. But why do multitudes American Jews, many of whom
were horribly affected by Hitler and the Holocaust, not fully comprehend or appreciate who truly stands with them in a hostile world that seeks to destroy Israel? How can so many American Jews fear conservatives more than they fear Iran?
I have long enjoyed and respected your comments here!

Anonymous said...

I just listened to the Feinstein segment and I'm disgusted with how glibly he just throws out the remark "I think they’re probably guilty of everything but rape."

His statement is reprehensible and I agree with the 11:56AM poster that "this is where sports reporters should stick to what they do - report sports - do not engage in social, political, or legal commentary."

His opinion that "I didn’t see any regret on their part that they were an out-of-control team for a long time" is just way off base and I wonder what sandpile he has been keeping his head buried under. Anyone who has followed the case knows that an apology was made very early on in the incident and I truly wonder exactly what pound of flesh people like Feinstein ruthlessly require to be paid back by the lacrosse team.

An apology is an apology and we all saw how effective Don Imus' endless apologies were in satisfying those who demanded that he be terminated. Feinstein seems like just another reporter who cannot admit that he was wrong. Like some journalistic Pee Wee Herman, when confronted with the fact that he said something very stupid, rather than admit error, he quips "I meant to do that" and "I don't think I've been proven wrong."

Sorry, Junior Feinstein, I think you have.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that there are that many “journalist” who are willing to give their opinions without any research or thought. Just personal biases on parade.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I had his personal email, which I used when we hired him, sorry not emailing him or giving it out. What's the point? Try the naval academy radio network or the Wapo.

Again, what's the point? Little people don't need any attention. That's what he wants, leave him alone.

Anonymous said...

TO 2:24PM--

It's simplistic, but what Dennis Prager said is closest to the truth.

It's sheer stupidity.

Many Jews in the U.S. are even against the strong efforts of the Israeli government to defend itself. They would prefer "peace talks" with the Palestinians for eternity.

Israel is the only oasis of democracy in that area of the globe, yet these apologists ignore the Islamic barbarism that surrounds them. Islam will not be satisfied until Israel and all Jewish life on the planet are obliterated.

All I can say is that those Jews in the U. S. who identify with those who support Islamofascism are still caught inside their memories of the 60's civil rights movement of which many were a part. They probably cut their teeth on Liberalism back then and are now the older boomer group. They cannot change because they also received discrimination from anti-Semitic conservatives in the past.

No doubt, none of them has had personal experience with a suicide bomber wearing an ignited cumberbund.

(I should correct a little mistake in a side bar from a previous post. Hermes is the company which originated as a saddle-maker. Louis Vuitton's origin was in luggage and trunk-making,) :>)


Anonymous said...

Many Conservatives are indeed weary of George Bush but for entirely different reasons than Liberals. Most are disappointed in him for not being tougher against asinine democrats who want America to lose another war. (Viet Nam emboldened them!)
-Conservatives want the open borders shut down...he, inexplicably, does not.
-His "New Tone" was doomed from the gitgo...defeatocrats are not into making friends...they prefer stabbing W in the back after he has had them over to watch a movie at the White House
-the Harriet Myers debacle was insane
-Gutlessly firing Rumsfeld the day after losing both houses of Congress...either do it BEFORE the election, or not at all.
-Hiring a do-nothing attorney general (who is NOT corrupt, by the way. Just inept.)
-Letting NYT and their ilk publish top secret vitals from war on terror, i.e. flagging of bank accounts
-Being a lousy communicator...he got that from his daddy
-giving Slick Willie a platform, along with Bush 41...BJ used that platform to talk shit about W
-Allowing liberals, esp. the msm, to keep him backpedaling and on the defensive about EVERYTHING...Ronald Reagan ATTACKED
-allowing the military to prosecute Marines for accidentally killing civilians in Iraq
-not allowing for the killing of the enemy when they fire on our troops from the comfort of a mosque
-fighting a Politically Correct war...
-trusting Putin
-Letting the UN stall our military for 17 months
-not prosecuting Sandy Berger
-not pardoning Scooter Libby
-giving Tenet the Presidential Medal of Freedom

These are just a few reasons why some Conservatives are upset with W. I'm sure they don't resonate with flamers like you, Polanski.

Anonymous said...

Two quick responses:

1) "A few years ago he completely lost it on the air while broadcasting a Duke-Navy football game..."

Does Feinstein STILL broadcast in any manner for Duke? If so, just another example of how safe it is - under Brodhead's/current trustees administration - to bash Duke students.

2)"As to Bush-bashing. Even conservatives think he's a joke, so why complain about liberals taking a swing at his policies?"

That's a simplistic and grasping litmus test, indeed. It is too tiresome to go into all of the errors of that analogy.

Here's a more applicable analogy: It sounds as if Feinstein is now guilty of "everything but rape" in his verbal assault on these students.


jamil hussein said...

so the problem is now officialy "white americans". Why not having a law making it a crime being a white conservative..uh, wait..House just passed Thought Crime bill. And at least academia has removed every conservative from campus and hired every low-IQ race-privileged marxists they could find.

Anonymous said...

Potomac, Maryland is a hotbed for white wealthy males like John Feinstein. Similar to Shelter Island, Long Island, it is the breeding ground for some of the lacrosse players that Feinstein detests.

If you want to bust his chops, please use this link to email him.

Anonymous said...

GWB (George W Bush) was not my first choice for a political candidate back in 2000.

Aesthetics are important and he is not a good speaker like his brother Jeb and many other pols on the scene.

However, compared to that walking doughnut-guzzling, exaggerating, insipid, death-warmed-over freak, Al Gore.....he was and still is certainly the better man.

I place a very high value on sincerity.

For decades and throughout the 8 long Clinton years, Bin Laden was allowed to hone his skills and make his plans. GWB was the first president to even attempt to sort through the horrific sludge that is the Middle East.

Yes indeed, many mistakes were made, but at least GWB had the balls to put his entire presidency on the line to do the right thing.

GWB hasn't sat in the oval office all this time discussing world affairs by phone with world leaders while being given head by a chubby intern hidden under his desk.

He actually put himself on the line so that the people of Israel and all those who want to live in peace in the Middle East could have a chance.

Whatever else one might say about GWB.....say it. I firmly believe that 50 years from now when most of us are dead, history will smile on his presidency for having orchestrated broad efforts in changing the very dynamics of the Middle East.

And please. All partisan bashers look elsewhere for material when trying to bash his intelligence. No one---rich or poor---receives a degree from Yale, then an MBA from Harvard by being a dummy.

GWB is a bad speaker. Not a dummy.

If having little talent for speaking is supposed be synonymous with low intelligence, then beware!

One has only to listen to most members of the Congressional Black Caucus to find some of the worst public speakers on any platform.

Yet it is most often people like them who pull out the old "Bush is a dummy" tool for debate. LOL!!!

I must concur with Christopher Hitchens when he said that the only people who still get off on using that worn out "Bush is stupid" line, are the stupid people.


Michael said...

Where Feinstein's call for the accuser to apologize?
She almost caused a race riot and almost
got people killed? One of the boys' father said
in the 60 mins piece that while in the courtroom,
a resident of Durham told him (the father):
"you're not going to get out of here alive"

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Debrah (at 3:30)! So well said.

Let's see. Degrees from Yale and Harvard. Is able to pilot a jet plane. Owned a major league baseball team. Twice elected governor of Texas. Twice elected President of the United States. Yep. That's a pretty good resume.
Only a dummy could do all that.

Anonymous said...

I almost think he intentionally stumbled over the year during his speech today.

I have to say, despite his failings, he truly does seem to be a kind person, which is important.

It would have been nice if things hadn't turned out the way they have though.

Anonymous said...

by the way, has anyone else seen at how what 88ers are "tagging" Coach Pressler's book:

Tags customers associate with similar products
duke (1), lacrosse (1), crap (9), science fiction (8), right wing rant (7), truth (6), unfair and unbalanced (5), bile (5), bunk (5), scifi (4), heinlein (3), libertarian (3), conservative (3), drill (1), factual (3)

Joe T. said...

Just my opinion: Feinstein is obviously a jerk, but the Jewish subject is irrelevant. We've had jerky individuals of every ethnicity in this case.

Anonymous said...

TO 3:53 PM-- :>)

TO 3:54 PM-- I ache because things have become such a chaotic mess. No one--or very few--could have imagined the warped mentality of some Iraqis who are now engaging in civil war rather than work to build their country.

I still think that by shaking things up many Islamofascists have thought twice about their further plans of striking us again.

Many Americans forget that 9/11 was just their beginning. They had bigger plans for killing us.

Significant is that we have not been attacked on American soil because of GWB's offensive.


Anonymous said...


Back to Feinstein!


Ralph Phelan said...

"I had his personal email, which I used when we hired him, sorry not emailing him or giving it out. What's the point? Try the naval academy radio network or the Wapo."

There is definitely no point in talking to this man. There may well be a point in talking to his employers ....

gs said...

Lie Stoppers has a link to Cash Michaels, He is jumping on the "blame it all on the DPD and Nifong" band wagon.

He actually has a very good point on Himan lying about having received the medical reports. Add that to Gottlieb notes from memory, the DNA meetings with Mehan, the false police statements, wanted posters and the rigged line up, should make for a interesting report this week.

Cash Michael's

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that Professor Johnson removes all of Polanski's posts? What's that all about?

Duke Mom

rod allison, detroit said...

"..Feinstein is obviously a jerk, but the Jewish subject is irrelevant."

Not when he considers that it differentiates him from the "white" ethnic group that he shows so much hatred for.

Feinstein regularly uses "white" as a pejorative term. This is the mark of a religious or ethnic bigot.

Anonymous said...

Feinstein is a bigot.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
KC Johnson said...

Please keep comments on point. Feinstein's religion and ethnicity is irrelevant to the inappropriateness of his comments.

Anonymous said...

Sue the pants off of him !

Mike Lee said...

And the NC NAACP continues to show it's objectivity and fairness. It continues to this day to post the famous talking points about the case on its website. These include such gems as:

Mr. Nifong made comments about possible accessory charges, since it is hard to believe that a gang rape in the bathroom could occur without other party-goers knowing something about it. He gave several interviews about the case the first few weeks, when it created a media firestorm. He once estimated he gave "50 to 70" interviews during that period, and the defense lawyers have used that figure repeatedly. He has since apologized for giving so many interviews to the media, which would camp outside his office everyday until he stopped granting any interviews.


The three defendants they have two mountains to climb. First, they must deflect public attention from their boorish, racist, and illegal behavior by mounting outlandish attacks on the survivor and the D.A. Second, they must deal with a mountain of physical evidence, that is corroborated by, we have reason to believe, accounts of some of the men who were at the party who have cooperated with the police and the D.A. from early on.

How in the world can the NAACP expect anyone to respect their organization when they continue to post outright lies on their website? At this point even Cash Michaels has conceded that there was never any credible evidence that an assault took place. Yet the NC NAACP STILL TO THIS DAY touts the mountain of evidence.

What in the world has happened to this organization?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

That's the harshest word you have for him, "Bigot"? I have lots harsher, starting with Worm.

Anonymous said...

"GWB's offensive"
almost as offensive as Feinstein

yours truly, Ubuntu

Jim said...

I grew up in Potomac, Maryland and while it is well-healed, it is also well-intentioned, for the most part. Every place is what you make of it.
John Feinstein is a Duke grad. He foreshadowed these recent comments with this missive some months ago.

He's an equal opportunity finger-pointer.

Gary Packwood said...


Sportswriter John Feinstein is an old time sports fisherman.

He never allows the truth to stand in the way of a good story.

Cedarford said...

KC Johnson said...
Please keep comments on point. Feinstein's religion and ethnicity is irrelevant to the inappropriateness of his comments.

Like Wahneema's or Houston Baker's?

There is some room for discussion of how a person's ethnicity drives their politics, but I'll respect your call. It's your Blog.

When you get to Israel, you probably will encounter a free debate about the Jewish Right and Left and folks like Feinstein that you don't get in America,

Anonymous said...

Most of Polanskis recent posts that I recall have been vulgar trash about Crystal Mangum, perhaps thats why his posts have been removed.

Feinstein is another in a long line of examples of the worst of human nature: inability to admit mistakes. This isn't a liberal or conservative issue, certainly not a 'jewish' issue, its about the sad tendancy of people to refuse to admit they are wrong even when overwhelming incontrovertible evidence of their mistake is staring them in the face. Mike Nifong and Steve Chalmers. Wendy Murphy. Dick Cheny and George Bush. The Group of 88.

IDEALOGUES always reject facts that don't fit their narrative no matter whether that narrative is about rapes committed by white guys against black women that never happened or weapons of mass destruction that don't exist.

Anonymous said...

Certainly Feinstein opened himself up to discussions of his race based upon his declaration that, in essence, only white conservatives could possibly think that the the LAX3 were innocent. Black conservatives such as Tom Sowell and Walter Williams have also long thought these boys were 100% railroaded. Thus, it must be, to Feinstein, that conservatives are white idiots, and no black people could possibly be conservative.

Every Jew I know thinks of themselves as being white. I am sure Feinstein thinks, with much self loathing, that he is a white man, but definitely not a conservative. He inadvertantly shows his lack of respect for blacks by not presupposing that any of them could possibly side with an obviously innocent white person over an obviously lying black accuser. He's an equal opportunity racist. He hates both black and whites, but he only ADMITS to hating whites.

Anonymous said...

Duke Mom,

KC doesn't like Polanski--LOL

Polanski is always trying to hijack the thread. He doesn't post much anymore. I find him quite funny. His Panties limericks are puerile.

Anonymous said...

i hope someone can call Feinstein out on this accusation and ask him to justify his claim. He probably thinks that journalism is a profession, and if so he should demonstrate his professional standards of fact-finding and argument.

emmy said...

Well, if John Feinstein didn't hear it, then of *course* the players didn't express remorse and regret for having the party...

John Feinstein is suffering from major jock-envy...she should just sfu about this case, already, since he obviously hasn't been paying attention, and doesn't know even basic details...

Anonymous said...

Hes just another in a line of fat, guilty white leftist overinflated former Maryland sportswriters (ala Mike Litwin). He's not even a particularly interesting or technically good writer, either, IMO. . Another irony is its mostly upper middle class, white conservative middle aged men who buy and read his trite little books on golf, basball, etc. Wot a hypocrite!!

psych said...

As a Jew I wanted to state my own opinion on whether Mr. Feinsteins religious background has relevance. I believe it does. As a Jew with a jewish sounding name, I do keep in mind that how I behave can and likely does have an effect on how others perceive not only me but also my fellow Jews.

Maybe it should not be that way but I believe that is how it is. When Mr. Feinstein behaves in the manner he has people will take their perceptions of his behavior and color their future expectations of how liberal and how sportswriter and how Duke graduates and yes how Jews will act.

The same is also true with how many of us will in the future have expectations of how African Americans will act. The behaviors and voting patterns of the African American population of Durham will likely color my expectations of how I expect African Americans to act in the future. It has to atleast at an unconsious level.

It is because of this, I do believe that to some level this case will likely set back black-white relations.

How many of us will be so quick to trust a policeman. Maybe it is a good thing but I will likely be much less trusting of what the prosecutor has to say if I ever am on a jury. I do have to admit though that I never really trust what a policeman has to say unless it is my brother.

Anonymous said...


Damn, woman, you write good.

I'd like to add, should this make it through the class/race/gender filter, that Jews are found mostly on the Left (and mostly vote Democratic) because they belong to the oldest identifiable victim group on the planet and that's where victims live. Thousands of years of servitude, bondage and clumping about in the wilderness, topped off by the Holocaust, will tend to color a people's self-image and weltanschauung.

Anonymous said...

It is possible to win defamation suits.

On another note, Coach K needs to speak out now, he carries great weight at the University and a few choice words would go a long way to silencing the liars abound...


Bella said...

Feinstein's just an idiot. Any further comment would be an absolute waste of my time.

Anonymous said...

Now, how true is this. Rape shield laws, though well intended, may be adding to the problem. If an accuser identity is unknown, then how can the public counter the story with exculpatory evidence if it never knows !!

We MUST adhere to innocent until PROVEN guilty, and our laws must be written to ensure that. We need laws that reel in the media, they must be held accountable for lies if they so choose to publish them.


Anonymous said...

Now, how true is this. Rape shield laws, though well intended, may be adding to the problem. If an accuser identity is unknown, then how can the public counter the story with exculpatory evidence if it never knows !!

We MUST adhere to innocent until PROVEN guilty, and our laws must be written to ensure that. We need laws that reel in the media, they must be held accountable for lies if they so choose to publish them.


Anonymous said...

GS 4:30

Thanks for the link.
Was that actually Cash Michael?
It seemed far too reasonable.
Unless I missed some back-handed
stuff, I'd say that he apologized
by laying it out right.

Compare that to Feinstein.

On the other hand, there IS
a difference between a Reporter
and a Journalist: Journalists
frequently opine, and don't feel
obligated by little things like
"truth" - ("what is truth?" some
Roman dude once asked.)
A sports Journalist is - (in many
cases) - a big joke, someone
on the level of a movie critic.

Except Kornheiser. He's
sincerely funny.


Anonymous said...

anonymous @ 12:43 said: "[Feinstein] did say they were screwed by the prosecutor, Duke threw them under the bus, [and] Duke should pay their legal fees."

If Duke could get out of this for just the $3 million in legal fees, it should grab that offer with both hands. I see a final settlement in the mid-eight figures ($50,000,000ish), with Duke paying a fair share of that.


Anonymous said...

I hope that Feinstein, Wendy and Amanda live happily ever after.

Anonymous said...

E-mail Feinstein:

Anonymous said...

One can carp about Feinstein's motives and character (both of which can be described as relentlessly self-serving), however the lies and innuendo he espouses are not unique. Many outside of the wholly transparent Nifong enablers and Wendy Murphy nutjobs have expressed similar views.

This is why even though these men wish to turn the page, civil suits that unveil the mosaic of evil required for this "case" to become a national sensation are necessary, if not sufficient for these men to reclaim their names and their lives...


Anonymous said...

New Jersey Lawyer says KC you hit the nail on the head when you said Feinstein is one of those people who believes that he (or she) was proved right by AG Cooper's dismissal of the charges. No matter what the facts show, they will be right. They are incapable of admitting they are wrong. They will even change what their story to show how right they are (e.g., the Group of 88 that now talks about what they were really saying in their advertisement--it had nothing to do with the Duke lacrosse incident. Give me a break).

Anonymous said...

New Jersey Lawyer P.S. Feinstein should also know that support for the Duke 3 was not all that strong among many conservatives. Republican A.G. Gonzales sure has not moved very quickly on an investigation of Nifong. On a more personal note, my conservative retired naval officer brother was, to put it mildly, less than sympathetic to the Duke 3.

Anonymous said...

Feinsteins POST is great...hes targeted himself like the other great sports jerk from third rate NSNBC Obermann

one must consider the envy, the meanspiritedness, the antisocial chacarter he a sense he acts like a muslim mullah writing FATWAS against those he opposes

that he could find some honest upstanding men, who are supported by their church identity prep schools as ried was, is testimony to the culture that our kids are being traned to become: to wit, anti american, anti social, anti religion, and of course anti career

may feinstein find the happiness he seeks in places like afganistan, havana moscow, minsk and caracas...

Anonymous said...

Feinsteins POST is great...hes targeted himself like the other great sports jerk from third rate NSNBC Obermann

one must consider the envy, the meanspiritedness, the antisocial chacarter he a sense he acts like a muslim mullah writing FATWAS against those he opposes

that he could find some honest upstanding men, who are supported by their church identity prep schools as ried was, is testimony to the culture that our kids are being traned to become: to wit, anti american, anti social, anti religion, and of course anti career

may feinstein find the happiness he seeks in places like afganistan, havana moscow, minsk and caracas...

Georgia Girl said...

Wow, she did pretty well tonight. However, I still question her "grasp on history" ... let's just say it's not quite kosher?

I'm glad to see her posts were devoid of name-calling (almost) until it came to Al Gore. She's making strides, but I doubt she'll ever be awarded an ambassadorship to any country *lol*

Keep on truckin' honey :)

Anonymous said...

Who is this dumbass, and tell me once again why I should care about his opinion?

Anonymous said...

The man Feinstein is all of what is being written about him and more. He is a race baiting horror. He has no maturity or sense of responsibility to anyone's community or sense of community. He is an absolute fraud. For him it isn't and hasn't been about the truth for a long time. This is more than just culture war. People like this cannot connect with reality. His rascist dementia ruins college English departments and media and civil order and confuses what is right and wrong and knows nothing about what is proportional. The awful immaturity of these people is mind blowing and they never say they are sorry.

Anonymous said...

JF is a pompous, nasty little man. I can't bear to hear him on NPR anymore, and reach for the dial when that smug, nasally, whine comes through the speaker. sic semper tyrannis

scott said...

After reading so much BS from John, he sounds like a guy I'm really glad I never knew, don't know now, and will never want to know.

jamil hussein said...

Republican A.G. Gonzales sure has not moved very quickly on an investigation of Nifong. On a more personal note,

Gonzales may be many things, but certainly not a conservative. He is pro-amnesty pro-abortion liberal who happens to be Bush's family buddy. He would have intevened only if the accused were found to be illegals. He just could not care less about a "few rich white boys"

I guess some republican (NC) senators were afraid of being involved in the case, as Drive-By-Media (NY al Times, Sharptons etc) would have labelebed them racist which is the touch of death in today's politics in the US. However, beyond few pathetic US senators, it has been conservatives only (with occasional centrist dems) who have been the backbone of the support for due process for Duke3. I wouldn't bet Hillary getting too many votes from Duke3 supporters (even before Duke Hoax, certainly not now).

Anonymous said...

Feinstein has a right to his opinion,the same right a person has to state, the holocaust never happened.

Nifong's hat trick said...

"I think they're probably guilty of everything but rape."

Mr. Feinstein:
1)Crystal Gail Mangum, the false accuser, stated that Reade Seligman did not touch her. Can you sexually assault and kidnap someone without touching them?

2)“Credible and verifiable evidence demonstrated that the accused individuals could not have participated in an attack during the time it was alleged to have occurred.” AG report (after reading 7,000 documents...600 photographs...47 interviews...etc.)How does that compare to how you arrived at your information? And, can someone be in two places at once Mr. Feinstein?

Anonymous said...

KC has not provided the opportunity to comment on the law school panel.

Strange that.


Anonymous said...

YOU CAN POST ON THE CONTINUATION THREAD from the original legal panel...thats what i did

Anonymous said...

here is the link

KC Johnson said...

Sorry about the law school panel non-comments--hit the wrong button when I did the post! It's fixed now.

hman said...

Re: Colemans remarks on the Law revue panel.
Duke administration can today claim that its actions back in the spring of 2006 did not complicate the eventual resolution of the case by the intervention of the AGs office.
There is just one thing, dammit. the intervention of a Special Prosecutor was completely un-anticipated, indeed completely unprecedented, back in the Spring of 2006.
Without a lot of heroic actions by bloggers and brillant attorneys - which by ordinary luck would not have materialized - Nifong would have been able to take this nightmare to trial. In which case all of his poisonous statements would have been mixed with brodheads toxic statements much to the harm of the innocent three.

Anonymous said...

Monks discredited the Republicians, as did the two Senators - I am out here in vegas with Harry Reid = what to do? The SANE deal is covered with mud now -not unexpected to me, but apparently unexpected by the Ks. Trying to backtract now. No apology needed for Nurse Tara's behavior from this nurse. I did not slime her. Presumptous essai. Cash's article well written - Sorry he did not find this voice before the hoax was exposed.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like sour grapes to me. Feinstein was probably gearing up for his Magnum Opus and absolutely salivating at the prospect of three relatively well-off, white Dukies landing in the slammer for the next 30 years. Now that it turns out they are innocent he is beside himself. No! No! How can this be!?! They can't possibly be innocent!! They are white and play lacrosse! For God's sake hasn't anyone read I Am Charlotte Simmons!?! This is NOT the way things were supposed to play out! Darn that Cooper!!

Alas, John. They are innocent. What a bitter pill that must be.

Anonymous said...

Feinstein, I will never again listen to him with any credulity. Reading his remarks is kind of like watching the Cho videos. His rage seems to come from some inner hell and gives me a feeling of pity for him and other hoax deniers. Can't we just all get along?

Anonymous said...

May 7, 2007 2:03:00 PM
anonymous said: Coach K has stayed in his bunker throughout this ordeal, and I expect he'll Prairie Dog now and then, but remain in a gutless, self preservation mode.

Can you tell me how you know this? Coach K has not held a rally to broadcast his feelings about what is going on at Duke, but how does that prove he's been "in his bunker"? I highly doubt "some black recruit's mama" (!) would be upset to hear that Coach K was defending falsely accused Duke athletes.

Coach K has made few public statements on this case, but to call this "gutless" is a little sickening. You are absolutely nuts if you think Coach K hasn't been making himself heard loud and clear in Brodhead's office since day one of this fiasco.

Coach K probably has very little interest in talking to a creep like John Feinstein at this point, and I certainly can't blame him for that.

Honey West

Anonymous said...

TO P. Rich--

Thanks for the compliment.

Well.......I don't particularly think of Jews as "victims". They have not only survived, but they have thrived.....after a long and concerted effort to wipe them out of every country on the globe.

They are, after all, the "chosen people", you know. LOL!!!

Jews tend to use brainpower, not a legacy of victimhood and whining. I feel there is no rational reason for any thoughtful Jew--or anyone else for that matter--to make excuses for the barbarism of Islamofascism.

But your point is well-taken.

I tend to agree with the poster "psych" that Feinstein's ethnicity and race are worth noting simply because he (Feinstein) made race a feature by his own words.


Anonymous said...

Last night/morning, someone posted a 12:16 comment about the law school panel and then proceeded to sign my name to the post.

Some troublemaking, idle idiot is trying to hijack identities again. It would be pretty easy to guess who. We all know the usual suspects who stay up late posting here.

The only stalkers I have had in the past are (Polanski/JC/......all his aliases) and the still-stalking, ankle-biting, dim-witted "Georgia Girl".

The imposter who signed my name to that post just past 12AM will no doubt strike again.

I will just have to continue making sure this imposter is illuminated.

Such a shame to have such idle trash on this blog.


Anonymous said...

"Magnum Opus"--love it. Wish I'd thought of that 1

Anonymous said...


Read the post--didn't sound like "stalking" at all. Has it occurred to you that it might be another Debrah?

Anonymous said...


I never "stalked" you, merely criticized your writing and mental health.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, if you look at the non Duke related political commentary on KC's blog, it does fit with Feinstein's assumption that its conservative whites who are most supportive of the Duke three.

I am apparently an anomaly, a liberal who loaths Bush who believed in the boys innocence almost from the beginning.

Anonymous said...


re "conservatives being more supportive of the boys"

Think of what this case is really about.

Get it now?

Anonymous said...

No, I guess I don't get it now.

I've read this blog for a long time and in my opinion the majority of posters are hostile to liberals, women, rape victims, Democrats and minorities.

Anonymous said...

IMO, the majority of bloggers are hostile to racists, those whose agenda precludes facts,and those who display double standards because the LAX boys were white males. Unfortunately, that appears to be more the perview of today's (as oppossed to classic) democrats/liberals. If the shoe fits...

Your comment that most bloggers are hostile to rape victims, women, and minorities is vile - much less un-substantiated. Most Bloggers ARE hostile to those who lie about rape and accuse innocent people. The liar in this case was a female minority, but it was not BECAUSE she is who she is. The distinctions are blatently obvious to most thinking people.


Anonymous said...

That you "don't get it" is much more indicative of you than of the bloggers. Your stereotyping of bloggers is a form of hate speech - does that sound more like the language you understand?

Anonymous said...

re "hostile to rape victims"

Crystal 'Panties' Mangum singlerectally undermined the credibility of real rape victims

would you agree that the boys were raped by Panties' vile mouth?


Anonymous said...

Your comment that most bloggers are hostile to rape victims, women, and minorities is vile - much less un-substantiated.

As I said, I've read this blog a long time and that is my opinion. Of course the hostility is always prefaced by the support for 'real' rape victims, except most posters on this site rarely find real rape victims, they don't believe in acqutantance rape, don't believe in rape shield laws. I've read AD NASEUM on this board about the alleged prevalence of false rape claims and the conspiracy against men perpetrated by the feminists.

I've also read AD NASEUM that Mike Nifong is a typical Democrat, and that it was his Democratic affiliation not his own personal shortcomings that motivated his false prosecution.

Any posts that stray into politics and outside of the Duke rape case show that most posters are extremely conservative Bush supporters who frequently use terms such as "Al AP" and Dimmicrats.

Anonymous said...


That ain't me. Politics bores me.


Anonymous said...

to 1:56-

Your comments do not identify "hostility" to rape victims, women (many of today's feminists, yes), or minorities. If you want to see hostility, check out "farm animals," grade retaliation, "whatever they did is bad enough," etc. Disagreement IS NOT hostility.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Feinstein, the boys are indeed guilty of something:

They probably got a whiff of Panty crotch

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether Feinstein is a Dr. Noel Ignatieve (Harvard) fan? Both seem to fall into that self-loathing category.

Anonymous said...



Georgia Girl said...

Rarely do I agree with debrah's rantings; however, IMO, that questionable post was certainly an attempt to imitate her. Only she ends her posts with "Strange that" and "Curious that". Why Debrah found it necessary to call attention to such an insignificant post and include me among her list of suspects (with the usual name-calling) is beyond me.

Back to my spaghetti.

Anonymous said...

Hey Georgia, it's very possible that anyone would find it objectionable when they are not on a website in the middle of the night and come back to find that someone has posted signing their name to something.
I'd be concerned only because Polanski has done this in the past using other names.
If KC could find a way to permanently ban him that would help the blog.
Looks like he tried to post something that wasn't controversial as a test. If no one noticed, he'd be back doing the same thing with more offensive language.
KC has rightly deleted most of his posts and since Polanski is compulsive about being here, he'll do anything to post so that it won't be deleted.
Polanski is a textbook case of manic-depressive, bi-polar psychosis. I don't blame Debrah for being concerned.
Anyone signing another's name to a post is breaching all rules. Not to mention showing a type of obsession with that person.
I like Debrah's posts and her writing, but not enough to use her name when I post something here. ;))

Anonymous said...

One more point, the imitator is a major punctuation screw-up. He didn't know enough to put a 'comma' in the phrase Debrah uses. Without the comma, it loses its meaning.
The imitator is a dumbass trying to live a vicarious thrill. Maybe Polanski is dressing in drag now. ;))

Anonymous said...


Your comments are disgusting. You come here complaining at this late date and piss in the wind as you cast aspersions on good people who have stood for fairness and justice all along.
Many people like KC Johnson have worked nonstop without any compensation for justice.
We would have felt the same way no matter the races of the people involved. Can we help it if the Democrat Party is full of racists who get upset if they are identified for what they are? Like it or not, those who agree with your politics are the ones responsible for trying to frame three innocent men. Live with it and stop trying to blame others. We didn't bring politics into anything. Nifong, the Gang88, and the racists in Durham did that as soon as this hoax made the evening news.
Go take a hike. Liar.

Georgia Girl said...

Well, okay... if ya'll think the post was worth a fuss, so be it.

Seems KC would have the capability in his data base to sniff out these identify thieves.

One other consideration is that debrah may have been high on hooch around midnight .... forgetting, perhaps, that she had posted?

Anonymous said...

8:02pm is Debrah

Oh my, KC lightweight Johnson is deleting my posts. I thinkimagonna cry.

You think I'd waste my time imitating you?

Funny, that.


Anonymous said...

To Debrah,

I've been following Polanski. No way he would have written something so neutral about you. You're barking up the wrong aardvark.


Anonymous said...

Methinks someone is trying to get into Debrah's panties.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Pollock Polanski, I wrote 8:02. Now you're lying. You must be obsessed with Debrah.

Anonymous said...


You should call yourself the "Methinks Guy."

Go for it, baby!

Anonymous said...

You got me--thought it was my nemesis (that bes za good 1).

I'd like to do Debrah doggie-style at a Wahneema lecture.


Anonymous said...

You people are so disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Last I heard Polanski was pining for Wahneema, but she was too busy "not waiting".

Anonymous said...


Never undersetimate a big butt: It's like a box of chok-lits--you never know what you'll get.

Anonymous said...

I just read his new book, and it was terrible. Then I decided that he deserved some punishment for his attitude and for writing a bad book, so I went to and gave it a negative review.