Friday, June 15, 2007

Nifong to the Stand

Mike Nifong is taking the stand in his own defense: there were no appearances from either Tara Levicy or Linwood Wilson.

Decided in law school that he wanted to be a trial attorney, felt that his best chance would be to start off in a DA's office. Couldn't find a place with a job opening, eventually offered to work in the Durham DA's office for free, then as per diem DA; took it several months for him to be hired as a permanent ADA.

Was chief ass't DA--"primary big-case trial attorney in Durham" before 1999--but then became ill and moved to traffic court.

Between 1990 and 1999, tried almost exclusively crimes of violence, though from mid-1990s, tended to handle less rape cases.

Says his last rape case was 1994--yet tried the Leroy Summers (DNA rape case) 2000.

Prior to this case, he only had one case with a non-SBI lab.

Pretty much restricted to desk duty after his cancer treatment; ethics problem in the traffic court--desk job where Jim Hardin felt he needed someone with authority until some sense of order could be restored.

Had no superior court matters between 1999 and Duke case. Tried a little over 300 jury trials between 1990 and 1999.


Anonymous said...

Is he f'in crazy?????????????

The dumbest lawyer on the planet could cross him.

Anonymous said...

10:38...I am assuming that is a rhetorical question?!!

Anonymous said...

I had to close my browser window; I can't stand to even hear him attempt to defend himself.

Anonymous said...

yes, i mean, there really is no good explanation for any of his actions in this case--why in the hell would he subject himself to cross-examination

Anonymous said...

On cross today, don't you think that Nifong will be asked the equivalent of "Do you still beat your wife?"

As in, "Has it always been your practice to indict people on as little evidence as you had in this case?"

Dan Weber said...

I'm getting the impression that he once had cancer.

Let's start a counter of how many times he or his attorney says the word "cancer."

Anonymous said...

There was no way that Tara Levicy and Wilson could take the stand today. Their testimony would be damning to Nifong. We will just have to wait to hear from those most abominable of conspirators some other day.

Anonymous said...

Surely Wilson and LEvicy have reatined counsel. Why would they testify in this hearing for Nifong? Can they be compelled to do so?

Anonymous said...

He's trying to garner sympathy from his colleagues on the panel. He's just saying, I've been sick, I'm inexperienced though deserve to stay as DA. I was just doing the job as best as I could. It's not my fault.
Hopefully, no one is buying any of this from a morally corrupt, narcissistic person who doesn't care who he takes down along the way.

Thank god his attorneys had the good sense to not cross Reade.

I will keep praying for the Seligman, Evan and FInnerty familes that all of their futures are full of
friends, family and happy times.

Let others try and fix the messes and do what is right.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to worry about Seligman, Evans, and Finnerty. They're solid young men, and they'll recover quickly from this ordeal. It'll help too that they'll soon (within the next year or two) be multi-millionaires, thanks to Nifong!

scott said...

Started working as an ADA without pay?

So Nifong was working for a wage that paid him what he's worth.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

No, Scott, he started working only overpaid by $75 per billable hour, instead of the millions of dollars he's going to cost the city of Durham.