Saturday, June 09, 2007

Jesse Jackson's Moral Certainty

One remarkable pattern about this case has been the steadiness of those who rushed to judgment last spring and now not only refuse to admit any error, but continue to cling to the moral judgments they adopted last spring, when their statements or actions presumed that a crime occurred.

Take, for instance, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and head of the Rainbow/PUSH coalition. Shortly after the announcement that the first DNA tests came back negative, the two-time presidential candidate treated the news as blasé, in a column entitled, “Horror and Truth”:

Something happened on the night of March 13th—something so compelling that Durham District Attorney Michael Nifong was prompted to say, “This case is not going away.” Indeed, he asserts that the lack of DNA evidence "doesn't mean nothing happened. It just means nothing was left behind." The District Attorney is putting the case before a grand jury.

“These facts,” continued Jackson, “are not in dispute.”

  • “This was the first time [Crystal Mangum] had been hired to dance for a party.” False.
  • “The one African American on the team wasn’t there.” False.
  • “We know that the two women were abused.” False.
  • “What happened? We don’t know for sure because the Duke players are maintaining a code of silence.” False.

Jackson’s conclusion? “The Duke scandal should lead colleges across the country to hold searching discussions about racial and sexual stereotypes, exposing the myths that entrap so many. But it shouldn’t take the brutalizing of a mother of two to raise these issues. Justice must be pursued at Duke. But Duke should not be treated as an isolated extreme – but as a goad to probing discussion and concerted action to lift students above the hatreds, the fears and the fantasies that still plague our society.”

Then, to show his support for Mangum, Jackson said that the Rainbow/PUSH organization would pay her college tuition, arguing, “There's more evidence that violence occurred to her than she's the lead of a hoax.”

But if it were a hoax? Jackson said he’d still pay Mangum’s tuition.

More than a year later, Jackson has returned to the case, in an interview with John Williams of WGN Radio. He conceded that it was wrong for Mangum to have lied—though, he noted, people needed to start asking the question, “What about the girls’ careers?” In a delicate description of Mike Nifong’s conduct, Jackson asserted, “The prosecutor was playing light with his cards.” And, he concluded, he was glad that the players “were not found guilty.”

Actually, of course, they were declared innocent.

Three times he was asked whether he would apologize to the players for his spring 2006 actions; three times he refused. Instead, he continued the character assault. It was, he chided, a “very hazardous party,” indeed an “orgasmic(!) party.” He continued: “There’s no moral value in that party”—as if anyone had claimed that there were.

The people to blame were the players themselves: “They did put themselves at risk, and therefore they had to pay a real social price for it.” Anyhow, their parents had enough money to get them off, whereas a “lot of people” don’t have the resources and go to jail. Jackson did not say if he had offered to use Rainbow/PUSH funds to pay the college tuition of those who had falsely accused any other people.

When asked point-blank by host John Williams whether he had made a mistake, Jackson channeled John Feinstein:

John Williams: “Are you going to admit to them [the lacrosse players] that you made a mistake; and that your mistake had consequences, unintended, to them?

Jackson: [Pauses.] I didn’t make a mistake.

My appeal was for the truth to come out. We did not indict them. We said, let the truth—do not spare the investigation.

[So that’s what Jackson meant when he said that the Rainbow/PUSH coalition would pay Crystal Mangum’s college tuition, even if it were proven that she lied.]

Because this happens much too frequently, John, where the rich prey upon the poor, where men prey upon women.
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What did Jackson mean by “this”? A false accusation of rape? Rush-to-judgment attitudes among an elite university’s faculty? Prosecutorial misconduct excused by the state NAACP?

Jackson never said.

At another point in the interview, he again retreated to vagueness, contending, “After all, this is a pattern in the South.”

Williams asked Jackson whether the reverend was going to protest every college frat party. He could have asked whether Jackson also opposes groups of women holding stripper parties or attending explicit spring break parties. And it’s worth knowing whether it is now the official policy of the Rainbow/PUSH coalition to pay the college tuition of all women who file false claims of rape. If not, why did Jackson make an exception in this instance?

What’s the chief lesson of the case? Jackson explains:

I would say that the act of men luring women with their moneys for their private gratification—we must admit that is unethical . . . and highly risky. Therefore, that very act is ill-advised. And you put yourself in a very perilous predicament. And they did.

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Anonymous said...

You don't get it yet do you KC?

Anonymous said...

One wonders what is in Jackson's closet. He is one of the most shameless characters on the public scene today, and he has made a good living shaking down people.

If Jackson does not like people being stereotyped, perhaps it might be best if he were not to engage in stereotyping himself. That is not too much to ask.

Anonymous said...

Re Rev. Jackson's comment: "I would say that the act of men luring women with their moneys for their private gratification—we must admit that is unethical . . . and highly risky."

I guess we have come a long way from the days that Mangum was a single mother and honor student who only took her clothes off because the money was good and the hours convenient.

Michael said...

Which is worse? Hiring a stripper or fathering a love child employed by your organization?

Jackson is too easy a target.

At least he isn't part of the "something still happened" crowd.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to board the morals express, the best seats are already taken. But if Jackson insists, then let us note that he is a minister of the gospel who had a child out of wedlock and took his mistress with him to the White House. (I'm willing to get off this train if he is...)

He was also a great friend of Charles Taylor (former ruler of Liberia, at a time when Liberia was the prime conduit for smuggled diamonds from Sierra Leone--which in turn financed the 'boy soldiers' of the rebel army).

Jackson intervened twice to broker a longer lease on life for that rebel army. This meant that the war kept on going. From what I read, he is not too popular in Sierra Leone right now.

I could go on . . .

GaryB said...

Watch/hear that Jackson guy do his stuff -- case study in a high functioning public sociopath -- shake down, take down artiste.

He's just plying his trade, technique yes, astonishing no.

Anonymous said...

How can Jesse Jackson talk about a college party when he fathered a child out of wedlock? Openly.
Is he nuts?

Anonymous said...

There is no point in trying to argue with Jackson or Catotti or any of the hundreds -- thousands-- of agendists. Surely some actually know what's true, but none of them is ever going to admit anything. Not ever.

They can't.

To stop trying to get justice, an admission that nothing that was claimed actually happened, seems wrong: but no panel is going to correct this, lawsuits are not going to correct this, the Feds are not going to correct this. Sorry. Nobody can correct this. This rot comes right out of the marrow of peoples' bones, and look - isn't it clear by now? It's not changing.

Anonymous said...

Are Jackson and Brodhead related?

Anonymous said...

And speaking of bones........after a most tantalizing evening of Italian fare, I can only wish poor Jesse well and haunt him with a bit of Willy Shakespeare:

The evil that men do lives after them. The good is is oft interred with their bones.

If only we could hasten the process along for some.


Anonymous said...

So glad KC is following up this case by pointing out the hypocrisy and partisanship of so many people who indulged in comment on it. This case is not just about 3 lacrosse players. What is remarkable about it is just how extensive the mendacity, prejudgement and agenda-pushing there was in so many institutions (higher education, media, pressure groups, courts). KC is doing a great service here in following up the actions and statements not only of the major characters in this great drama, but of the minor as well. Public figures (most of whom are influential, rich and powerful) must be held to account for what they say and do.

Anonymous said...

What else were you expecting from Jesse Jackson? I'm surprised that he was able to steal time away from lounging around the Spaghetti-Spine Club with Broadhead.

I'm about ready for the New Black Panther Party to reenter the picture. They were delusional, but at least they were.....well....they were delusional. So, I guess I like delusional people better than spineless people. At least we still have Victoria Peterson and 88 of the Duke faculty who aren't going anywhere. Anyway, at least Jesse Jackson's not blackmailing Fortune 500 companies anymore with threats of public condemnation if they don't blindly hire every black person they can find. Good for Jesse!

Anonymous said...

The child he fathered was in a consensual relationship with a woman in her 30's and he has taken full responsibility for his actions and supports the child. The woman worked for his organization before she even got pregnant.

That is a lot different than the behavior the Lax team was accused of which was having a drunken party to watch a lesbian sex show in the presence of underage teammates and in which women were racially harassed and if that is not enough, the women were asked to sodomize themselves with a broomstick. The fact that 36 white males full of booze surrounded 2 black females and called the women the n word and the b word and the women were told to thank their grandfathers for a cotton shirt which is a direct slavery reference( an attempt to reduce the women back to slavery level instead of what they are today which is free to protest bad treatment) hits hard with many black people including Jesse Jackson, a man who worked with Dr. Martin Luther King and was with the civil rights leader when he died. you are never going to get most blacks to apologise for thinking the worst of the team and that party. all the trying to minimise the racial slurs you do on here routinely, trying to pretend that Colin Finerty's assault on a complete stranger in DC is a sign of good breeding and in genral trying to turn these drunken racists into saints will not erase that image. You people's lame attempts to do so only add to many people thinking you guys are just apologists for racist and bad behavior. You all often ask why the people of Durham are not more upset with Nifong and why they do not support Beth Brewer and the poor actions fo the LAX team is the reason. No one feels they were particularly lovable and worthy and many feel that they brought their problems on themselves and that is why people in Durham are not marching to put Nifong out of office and why many still say "something happened" because in the past, something always happened in situations of this sort whether the white community aknowledged it or not.

Anonymous said...

KC.... your double standard is showing.

You would never allow garbage like 1:12:00 to post about the black community...

Anonymous said...

There are huge ongoing tragedies in the Sudan and other such places---instead this guy spends his time supporting a lying stripper. If there is a G-d and an afterlife, he will have a tough time explaining these priorities.

Anonymous said...

1:12:00 AM:

Methinks you remain mired among the "astonishing".

In so many ways....

Anonymous said...

1:12, That evening , a black hooker and a black stripper ripped off a bunch of guys out of 800 bucks through nonperformance , and in response to their objections, the stripper started the name calling by reffering to their private parts and their race; twice in total. Upon leaving the Party, the stripper anonymously called the police to complain of name calling, that she had in fact instigated. Still later, the black hooker falsely accused three innocent boys of raping her.

As you can see, your version of events is a total lie, and the commonplace victimizer posing that you are indulging in is boring, banal, and insipid. Take your show on the road; its a fraud and a con.

Anonymous said...

The only true thing to come out of Jackson's mouth: “The Duke scandal should lead colleges across the country to hold searching discussions about racial and sexual stereotypes, exposing the myths that entrap so many." As long as he's talking about stereotypes and myths about white men.

As far as the "orgasmic party", the only people likely to have orgasms at that party were the dancers. Think about it: Two women surrounded by the most virile, Alpha males of the most successful society on Earth. Unless every psychological study showing the attraction of women to Alpha males is wrong, they had to be aroused. We know the DNA proved that none of the white men there had orgasms.

Jackson retreats to the lying stereotype and myth though, and repeats the blood-libel of the false meta-narrative: “After all, [interracial rape by white men] is a pattern in the South.” That is a lie today; it was a lie 100 years ago; it was a lie 200 years ago. If anyone doubts it, let him or her produce the statistics on interracial rape today and try to explain the lying meta-narrative from there.

R.R. Hamilton

Anonymous said...

1:12am: Uninformed comments, so please, stay in Durham - where mob justice is apparently the official religion.

Anonymous said...

What I posted was not garbage but rather what people other than the bloggers on here think. The "you people" I refer to are the blog hooligans who blindly follow whatever KC or the defense attornies have told you to think about this case. For the record, KC has plenty of racist posters like Polanski, cedarford and the hideous Debrah.

I am not a blog hooligan and do not share you guys' opinion that the Lax team were saints and that Cooper's statement of innocence is holy writ. Far from it. You should know that something is wrong about Cooper when he turned in an incomplete and sketchy report. His first statement, that the accuser arrived already impaired, was not consistent with the accounts of 3 of the people who actually gave testimony to the police early on: Bissey, Kim and the woman's driver. They were all independent witnesses, especially Bissey. Bissey was also not even re-interviewed by the special prosecutors, so right off the bat, the report has a spurious statement and if a more complete report was turned in,more discrepancies would be found; this report was a political cover-up and a deal cooked up with Cooper and the defense attornies, IMO. The fact that CGM was not charged should speak volumes to anyone with a working brain. She was not charged because then a trial would have to be held and her lying proved in court and evidence would have to be produced and the defense and families did not want that to happen for some reason. Take a long breath and stop drinking the koolaid and ask yourself why they would not want her taken to court. And do not repeat that crap about her being too sick to go to court; that is just an excuse and an unlikely one at that.

Anonymous said...

"The child he fathered was in a consensual relationship with a woman in her 30's and he has taken full responsibility for his actions and supports the child. The woman worked for his organization before she even got pregnant."

The party was consensual also. The funds used to pay the dancers were collected from the party goers themselves who knew what the money they were contributing was for. Jackson paid off the mother of his bastard child with PUSH organizational money - the contributers to PUSH had no idea that some of their contribution was being used to hide Jackson's love child from his wife.

No use of the N or B word occured at the party. One racial remark was uttered in response to Kim Roberts acknowledged racial slur at the end of the party - but I'm sure you know this already.

Very few angels walk among us - no one is claiming the party was the work of angels, nor is fathering an illegitimate child while married to another woman. The difference is that they party goers have not chosen to slime the reverand - he most certainly has chosen to slime them.

Anonymous said...

Well, it is good to see 1:12 try to articulate how some people feel.

Unfortunately, some of these people have seen Kim Roberts interviewed on 60 minutes and heard her statement that the story of Precious was a "crock" and that there was one racial insult returned after she had made one herself. They have read the AG's report with a detailed timeline that leaves almost no opportunity for any of these alleged non-angel things to have happened and that addresses these recurring allegations. After all, the AG did interview everyone who was there. The only allegations of racist remarks by those who were there are in a phone call that was faked by Kim Roberts and in the cotton shirt comment overheard by a neighbor, who was in a position to hear others things that might have been said.

These people choose to ignore the evidence, just as they are happy to look the other way when there is a clear pattern of corruption in the DPD, the DA's Office, and Durham Government. It is obvious that the DPD tried to tamper with witnesses by abusing the legal system -- witnesses like Elmostafa and Kim Roberts.

Bad government is bad for nearly everyone. What business would want to locate in Durham with this sort of thing on display? Have you seen the crime statistics for the most recent year? Who do you suppose are the victims of crime, including by those in power, in Durham? Who do you suppose suffers most from government corruption?

People like Jackson are part of the problem, not of any solution. Jackson has made a very good living by stoking racial tensions at every opportunity. He is a first-order hypocrite who encourages people to shed any personal responsibility and see everything in terms of race, with all problems caused by those of other races. He trades on the votes he is able to command for personal gain, not for the good of those who follow him.

The things Jackson said about the players are worse than what they are alleged to have said, and the players have apologized. It is people like Jackson who have misled so many others, including the many who get their "facts" from statements he makes that contain blatant errors he never corrects.

The people who blindly support Jackson are the very same people who would completely fly off the handle if Jackson were white and called members of a predominately Black sports team what he continues to call the LAX players.

This, and so much more, is why many continue to follow this case, quite apart from the fact that there is a never-ending stream of bizarre acts on display -- acts by those who are either delusional or worse.

Anonymous said...

JLS says...,

re: anon 1:12

The child he fathered was in a consensual relationship with a woman in her 30's and he has taken full responsibility for his actions and supports the child. The woman worked for his organization before she even got pregnant.

That is a lot different than the behavior the Lax team was accused of which was having a drunken party to watch a lesbian sex show in the presence of underage teammates and

Wow where do I start?

First you admit that Jackson raped a women subordinate and impregnated her. There is little doubt that among the rape Nazi crowd with whom you are allying yourself forcing a subordinate to have sex with or risk losing her job is rape.

Then you miss the clear fact that the relationship between the Duke lacrosse players and Mangum and Pittman [aka Roberts] was purely consensual if commercial.

So after admitting Jackson was a rapist, you find more fault with the lacrosse players than the rapist? You find fathering a child out of wedlock with a subordinate who very well may have had to submit or lose her job with attending a party with a couple of strippers as entertainment and you find the former more moral? Not to mention your apparent homophobia?

Anonymous said...

So..... I guess since Mr. Jackson's relationship was consensual, it doesn't matter that it was extramarital and makes him out to be a total hypocrite. The Duke lacrosse players are young and foolish, like we all were at one time in our lives. Mr. Jackson is a mature(in age) man who should, at the very least, know better. I don't know of too many ministers that would still be considered "reverend" if they had engaged in this kind of behavior. I wonder why anyone would give him a pass in this. I don't think we have to wonder too much. Only in America......

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

Jackson says "the act of men luring women with their moneys for their private unethical . . . and highly risky."

Yup, Jackson should know. After he slept with one of his own assistants and got her pregnant, he had to dip into PUSH funds to pay for her and their baby.

Hmm, wonder if that slush fund for his mistress is the same as the one for Crystal? More to the point, will Crystal have to sue for it like the mistress did?

Just asking.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving this....These groups keep digging the hole deeper and deeper away from reality, and they don't even know it or care....

For groups pushing anti-racism, they are exuding in rascism themselves and don't even realize it or care...

The same people that push for DNA tests to exonerate the innocent, quickly dismissed the negative lax test results.....and they didn't even think to check the other non-lax DNA...

What does that tell ya...

We could go on and on, but why......these groups have destroyed their own credibility, and I think it is just great!

Anonymous said...

There is no moral value in anything Jesse Jackson says...but we've all known that since '84.

Anonymous said...

So Nifong did not resign on Friday. Guess he wants to grab every cent he can as his paycheck should end by next week,

Anonymous said...

Jesse and Jackson (and Al Sharpton) are nothing more than leaches on the African American community. They represent no one and nothing more than their own self interests of power and money. Unfortunately these deplorable people are held to a different standard than the rest of us. Protest their actions and you face the wrath of their organizations as well as a shakedown. Jackson promised to help this girl and I would like to see him do this and do it for every other African American girl in her situation but without the publicity that Magnum got.

Anonymous said...

In some ways I suppose we owe 1:12 a vote of thanks. Their post is a clear representation of the inner workings of a racist/sexist mind.

The unwillingness to take in new data as it arrives. (the three boys were declared innocent).

The necessity to bend the truth in order to harmonize with the racist/sexist ideology. (the boys made racial slurs)

The willingness to believe a lie in order to neatly fit into a racist/sexist version that paints these boys as villains. (these drunken racists)

There's plenty more but hey, it's Saturday. I'm sure others will fill in the blanks.

Boys and the Boy Crisis

Anonymous said...

1:12 AM Poster

"The fact that 36 white males full of booze surrounded 2 black females and called the women the n word and the b word"

Oh... so this is a "fact". You won't find this "fact" in any official Durham Police Department Report. Nor will you find the "fact" in the statement of Kim Roberts-Pittman, Jason Bissey, or any other witness to that night's events.

So... who do you rely upon for your "facts". Oh... you must rely upon the early public pronouncements of that lying Mike Nifong. Well, yes... if Mike Nifong said it, it must be true.

You must be Victoria Peterson. Only someone so blinded with racial bigotry would continue to rely upon the words of the demonstrated liar Mike Nifong as the source of their "facts".

Michael said...

1:12 wrote:

> The fact that 36 white males full of booze surrounded 2 black females
> and called the women the n word and the b word and the women were told
> to thank their grandfathers for a cotton shirt which is a direct
> slavery reference( an attempt to reduce the women back to slavery
> level instead of what they are today which is free to protest bad
> treatment) hits hard with many black people including Jesse Jackson, a
> man who worked with Dr. Martin Luther King and was with the civil
> rights leader when he died.

Jesse Jackson's 'Hymietown' Remark - 1984

: Rev. Jesse Jackson referred to Jews as "Hymies" and to New York City
: as "Hymietown" in January 1984 during a conversation with a black
: Washington Post reporter, Milton Coleman. Jackson had assumed the
: references would not be printed because of his racial bond with
: Coleman, but several weeks later Coleman permitted the slurs to be
: included far down in an article by another Post reporter on Jackson's
: rocky relations with American Jews.

: A storm of protest erupted, and Jackson at first denied the remarks,
: then accused Jews of conspiring to defeat him. The Nation of Islam's
: radical leader Louis Farrakhan, an aggressive anti-Semite and old
: Jackson ally, made a difficult situation worse by threatening Coleman
: in a radio broadcast and issuing a public warning to Jews, made in
: Jackson's presence: "If you harm this brother [Jackson], it will be
: the last one you harm."

"I HAVE A DREAM" (1963)

: I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a
: nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by
: the content of their character.

How were the Lacrosse players judged?
How was CGM judged?
How was Moez Mostafa treated when he tried to tell the truth?

- Where did you get the term: full of booze? Did you see the picture
of the party? These guys were sitting around the room with a particular
look on their faces: boredom.

Anonymous said...

Small point maybe but maybe KC or someone else can add some info or commentary. I had previously missed the detail that the one African-American team member (Devon Sherwood) WAS at the party.

Although it's not practically important at this point, is it known whether he was present when the alleged crimes were (not) happening or when racial insults were being exchanged between Kim Roberts and other team members?

I know that, on GMA, he defended his teammates against "stereotypes" and said that he didn't think the criminal allegations were true, but has he given any more insight into his mindset and any conflicted feelings? Also, wasn't he in a position to at least partially extinguish the racial element surrounding this case if he had taken a stronger public stance, and should he have done so?

Michael said...

On another topic, Brad Bannon makes a pretty interesting point about the December 15, 2006 hearing at Judge Smith note

in that Judge Smith was open to additional relief to the defense upon their request. They declined as they wanted to go over the transcripts first. It was agonizingly slow for those of us watching that didn't see the entire picture but it appears that the defense had hit a home run. But it would take several months more for them to run around the bases.

AMac said...

anon 1:12am / 2:24am --

Thanks for commenting. Your remarks are very insightful.

There's 9/11 Truthers, Area 51, Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the meaning of the pyramid-with-eye on the $1 bill, fluoridation, the Menace of Freemasonry...

to which we can add the Something Happened crew, with their touching conviction that lacrosse players should be slimed at every opportunity.

Great material for an Honors Senior Thesis on an emerging social pathology.

(As long as the advisor isn't one of the 88.)

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that Jackson and Sharpton ARE the racists!

Gary Packwood said...

Re: Anonymous 1:12

Rev. Jackson and 1:12 are using an Integrated Communication Approach to create a 'Brand" and to stay 'On Message.'

The model (Text) they are using is below, I would imagine:

An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective, by Belch and Belch, is the number one text in the Advertising market. Belch/Belch is the first book to reflect the shift from the conventional methods of advertising to the more widely recognized approach of implementing an integrated marketing communications strategy. The text underscores the importance of recognizing that a firm must use all promotional tools available to convey a unified message to the consumer.

An example from the business World would be Geico Insurance Geico stays on message across ALL of their promotion and marketing strategies.

There is a 'Truth in Advertising Principle' that is ASSUMED incorrectly with respect to Rev. Jackson and 1:12.

The defense attorneys for the three lacrosse players are using 'the truth' as their unified message.

THE TRUTH should win in the long run if we don't become strident.

Anonymous said...

Caught red-handed taking part in the railroading of innocent men to further his career.

Perhaps the Hoax Enablers should all be put on trial, because, even though they might not have committed any specific felonies, well, you know, the railroading of innocent men into prison - "—we must admit that is unethical . . . and highly risky. Therefore, that very act is ill-advised. And you put yourself in a very perilous predicament. And they did."

Anonymous said...

Actually, Jackson's performance is far from astonishing.

The steadiness of course of the early agenda-ists is surprising.

I've spent some time looking at feminist blogs. Not one has said, "Thank God the woman wasn't raped."
This from, or not from, blogs who obsess on rape, rape culture, and patriarchal oppression all the live long day.
You'd think, if they were consistent, that they'd be glad one supposed victim was not victimized.
Something else going on here. Surprise.

Anonymous said...

You can connect Jesse Jackson to "moral uncertainty" or "immoral certainty", but most definitely not to "moral certainty."

Chicago said...

All this from a man caught having an affair with a Rainbow/PUSH employee a few years back.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the race merchants and far left (e.g. group of 88) have abandoned western judeo-christian ethics and grecco-judeo-christian traditions of reason and analysis and right and wrong. "My family, my tribe, my sect right and yours wrong", end of story. Instead they have adopted a more eastern view of means justify ends. Would a jew be jailed for murdering a muslim in isreal? Would a muslim be jailed for murdering a jew in gaza? The left is now lost at sea and this is very dangerous for all of us. Kennedy, Roosevelt, Truman and Moynihan weep in their graves.

Anonymous said...

"You should know that something is wrong about Cooper when he turned in an incomplete and sketchy report. His first statement, that the accuser arrived already impaired, was not consistent with the accounts of 3 of the people who actually gave testimony to the police early on: Bissey, Kim and the woman's driver."

Gee, 2:24, maybe he actually listened to the accuser's own account in which she admitted she was mixing Flexeril and alcohol? That's what cracks me up about you enablers -- if she's told six different contradictory stories of what did and didn't happen, who was and wasn't there, whether Roberts was a fellow victim or an accomplice -- you'll pick and choose individual bits that she told as part of some story, and pretend that they come together to indicate one story that could still be true.

2:24, why don't you just get mental help? There's no shame in it; you clearly need it. I had a buddy in college who when I knew him was recovering from growing up in a household that was both sexually repressive and sexually abusive. The guy was capable of looking at evidence that was right in front of him and not seeing it because he couldn't handle the obvious. Like, he'd watch a porn movie and then later he'd say he thought the star was a virgin. He saw the evidence that she wasn't. He just couldn't handle the truth.

And you're the same. I don't know what your issues are that you can look at the clear, blatant evidence and nevertheless see Crystal Mangum as the one that "something" "happened to", instead of simply a pathetic woman who very unprofessionally showed up for work completely blasted (as she had done before, remember) and then when she completely botched her work due to her mixing of booze and muscle relaxants, cooked up some phony story (or, well, six) that painted herself as an innocent victim and the people paying her for the work she botched as evil villains.

If a white male construction worker showed up for work on booze and Flexeril and hit someone with his truck and told all sorts of lies trying to make out that the foremen really caused the accident, you wouldn't be believing his first story, let alone futilely trying to Frankenstein together some sort of workable account out of six different such stories. What is it about her being black, female, or a sex worker that makes you unable to endure the obvious?

Anonymous said...

Jackson should take a long walk off a short pier! The man personifies hypocrisy and double standards, as does the other shakedown artist, I mean diversity consultant, Al Sharpton

Call me a Hilton apologist, but I view the enormous public clamor of the "Parisites" rejoicing over Paris' troubles as way over the top. Though certainly not a parallel of the Duke Hoax, the unbridled public hysteria that ensued in both cases may have roots in mass jealousy against people of "privilege".

I find blatant hypocrisy in both cases, e.g. Hilton case court officials announcing that the justice system will not be circumvented or made a laughingstock for celebrities, or words to that effect. Right. How about this short list: Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, Robert Blake, Ted Kennedy.

The next test of the "blind" administration of justice comes next week with the Nifong hearing. Let's see the public reaction if our hero gets off like Crystal Mangum already did. If he does, I predict you'll be able to hear a pin drop when listening to the (ignorant) masses on this issue.

Please let me be wrong.

And to KC Johnson, thanks so much for your astounding work over the course of this Hoax, which you played a large part in helping to unravel. You're one of the true heroes in a world that has far too few.

Anonymous said...

comment 1:12:
'a consensual relationship with a woman in her 30's'
A sexual relationship with your employee is inherently coercive whatever the age. As the boss you have power over them. Read the sexual harassment statutes and cases. I will pass over using PUSH money for his private obligations.

'a man who worked with Dr. Martin Luther King'.
Many marched with Dr King but you are still accountable for your actions forty years later. Jackson's behavior as boss towards his employee was still wrong, and he is wrong about the athletes. Jesse Jackson was wrong, he rushed to judgement on these young men. He should apologize, just as he has many times called on others to do. If he does not apologize he will have no standing in appealing to the broader community in appeals for justice for anyone.

"'something happened' because in the past, something always happened in situations of this
sort whether the white community aknowledged it or not"
wow you realize you are talking about individuals here, not a class. You don't go to jail because someone else did something a generation ago (if you are correct.) You follow that rule and and many more people will go to jail, people of color included. Especially young men.
I suppose it's good you posted here but I do hope you read the responses.

Anonymous said...

KC has cut off the ability to respond because the racist poster 1:12am is so volatile. It's impossible to believe that there are people with those views and an inability to synthesize facts.

I agree with an earlier poster. Those kinds of comments from the racist 1:12am would never be allowed to stay on this blog if they were aimed at the black community.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about anyone else, but it concerns me greatly that people like poster !:12 are out there working alongside children and influencing other uneducated and easily duped people.
This is what is so dangerous. Clouded and warped minds will be the result as this kind of sickness will be passed down from generation to generation.

Anonymous said...

Jesse Jackson clings to the flotsam that is left as the ship of identity politics sinks.

I had pretty much forgotten about him and his role in this hoax until reading this post.

He is a pathetic has-been and ranks lower than even the idiotic Al Sharpton on the national stage.

Anonymous said...

Another day in paradise:



Anonymous said...

Just take a look at how things started out in March 2006. See how the "religious" community met with Brodhead right after the false accusations were made. Check out how they incorporated the hoax into an event at Duke's Divinity School.

And among these people.....after all that we know......after all that has been proven without a doubt......the shameful lies are still perpetuated.



Anonymous said...

Jesse Jackson is as much a man of God as Michael Moore is a man of God. The "reverend" continues to bear false witness. A true Christian would apologize and ask for forgiveness. Jackson's racism and pride is exacerbated by his lack of brains. Oh how I wish Jackson would, just once, pay a huge financial price for his reckless, divisive words.

Anonymous said...

Its not astonishing.

We know Jackson by now. He's shown over and over that he's a liar, he has blinding moral conceit, and he's a racist pig.

He acted exactly as one would have expected.

Don't forget that, in his column, he quoted a professor from Berkley who said the accused actions fit in with a widespread pattern of white men mistreating black women, and considering them to be sex objects. That one was bizarre even for Jackson.

Anonymous said...

NAACP's Barber is the "Reverend Dr.", don't ya know.


Anonymous said...

Check out the local news and you will find that all of the panel has been selected by Durham City Council members but one.

Just a cursory glance of the profiles of these most recent three is a joke.

The reporter makes sure to tell us the race of each one. Joe Williams, A Greensboro lawyer and graduate of NCCU is one.....(how do you think he's gonna come down on the lacrosse case?).

Alice Sharpe who is formerly of Downtown Durham, Inc. This group relies on the city council for its existence. She is now affiliated with a group renovating the old American Tobacco warehouses, which relies solely on public funding. And again, dependent on the city council.

There's another one whom I have forgotten. I'll link the article, but you guys will have to register on the H-S website to access it.

For the record, I only visit the H-S website to know the "enemy"......and for a few laughs. LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

1 12
I expect your heroine will have a chance to tell her story in a future deposition and civil court appearance.

Gary Packwood said...

Debrah 1:30 said...

...Just take a look at how things started out in March 2006

...Divinity School Responds To Events Surrounding Duke Lacrosse Team Community expresses lament through various activities March 30, 2006

...We as a Divinity School community are deeply troubled by the events surrounding the Duke Lacrosse team. While there are currently more questions than answers about the specifics, the broader issues of sex, gender, race, money, power, and Duke-Durham relations continue to affect us. We are particularly mindful of these issues and the struggles they represent during this Women's Week in the Divinity School, and Sexual Assault Prevention Week in the whole University.
Exactly and ...notice how all of the agendas are arrayed for everyone to see.

"The broader issues of (1) sex, (2) gender, (3) race, (4) money, (5) power, and (6) Duke-Durham relations"

The fact that there are six (6) agendas all talked about at the same time is difficult for people to understand...especially when you throw in sex.

Allow the truth to keep their feet to the fire and prepare the students to deal with a modern day Tokyo Rose lurking about the campus whispering sweet nothings into the ears of the youngest and most vulnerable student and staff members.

Anonymous said...

Catotti has yet another close ally who has just been selected: Alice Sharpe.

What a sham this process will be.


())))))))))))))))) Cue Twilight Zone music (((((((((((((((((()


Anonymous said...

It is not about the amount of money someone has, but the integrity of the people who have the public's trust to enforce the law. Nifong and his ilk are equal opportunists of corruption. Jackson and his ilk know this. What a dishonest racist.

Anonymous said...

Jackson removed himself early on for cause, and is not to be believed now.

Anonymous said...

". . . the act of men luring women with their moneys for their private gratification—we must admit that is unethical . . . and highly risky."

Wow--as a woman, I don't know whether to be offended by the implication that women are so weak that it's unethical by definition for men to "lure" them with money to do something they have already voluntarily chosen to do, or to be gratified that, apparently, the Rev. Jackson has abandoned the old Biblical construct that the root of all sexual temptation and sin resides in women (following their model Eve).

It's interesting, too, that Jackson refers specifically to "private" gratification--so apparently it's NOT unethical when women dance at strip clubs for pay and big tips.

Anonymous said...

This comment is not exactly on the blog post. I have been reading through the Baker/Chalmers report and I they may have (unsurprisingly) done something very stupid with this report. Prosecutors get immunity for "prosecutorial acts" but not "investigative acts." If the lineup was not a lineup, but was fact gethering, that makes Nifong's and the rest of the cast of character's actions investigative, not prosecutorial. If the lineup was a lineup, at least it could be argued that it was a prosecutorial act. The standout team in Durham may have just forclosed their best legal argument to avoid legal liability for this mess.

Anonymous said...

Jesse Jackson decrying anyone or anything as unethical is just ridiculous...he's no better than a common thief...but hey, he's got a perfect record in *this* case...every single one of *his* facts were dead wrong! What a batting average!

Anonymous said...

Whenever I hear a comment along the lines of, "By hiring strippers they put themselves at risk" I want to ask just how many times in the past has it happened that hiring strippers has been followed by a false claim of rape?
I may be mistaken, but I bet that it is an extremely rare outcome. If so, then the Rev. Johnson is talking nonsense.
There are indeed hazards in letting folks from the stripper subculture anywhere near you; the LAX guys could be faulted on those grounds. But so what, this saga has never been about normal reality; it has had more in common with a bad dream.

Anonymous said...

If the panal doesn't come down on the side of law being applied fairly and equally there will be no law. It is almost that way now. Look at Durham's recent lawlessness in and around the community regardless of race. What on earth are these fools talking about. The law is all we have in a civil society to protect us all. The behavior of the DPD is not what it should be all the BS to the contrary. What happened to these three and the lacrosse team and its coach is wrong no matter how much BS commentary is rationalize about the situation, and it is an indication of the so called intellectual community they don't see it. Again, it is so sad.

Anonymous said...

That Jackson depicts the party as "orgasmic" reveals that he has never looked closely at the photographs of the party. I've rarely seen such a bored and unenthusiastic congregation of college students outside a lecture hall. Those group photos are portraits of the antithesis of orgasmic.

Anonymous said...

And now civil rights activist Rev. James Bevel is in trouble. Will there be any protests? They have to assume his accuser (13 to 17 years old during the alleged sexual encounters) didn't lie, right?

Anonymous said...

Jesse Jackson is a cipher -- and by all accounts, a bad guy -- who has no credibility within the black community.

The only reason he's still visible is because the MSM beleive that he has credibility in the black community -- that he "speaks for them". Ironic that KC's hyperventilating makes this a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Steven Horwitz said...

Is arguing that "having a party with strippers put the boys at risk for a false accusation of rape" sort of like saying "wearing revealing clothes puts women at risk for rape?"

We'd, rightly, never hear the latter out of JJ's mouth, as he'd immediately be charged with "blaming the victim." Well guess what he's doing here. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

All of you who used the word "community", as in African-American community, are badly misusing the word. Community means something entirely different from "People of the same pigment" (or same ethnic origin or religious belief or sexual orientation). This misuse enhances our descent into tribalism.

Anonymous said...

i find it very amusing how many people on this blog think Jesse Jackson and Al sharpton are racists and synamous to the KKK. they are not. the only thing these men are guilty of is still pointing out white racism and I guess you all do not like that so you vilify them. if a person speaks out on white racism among some members of this society and in our institutions that does not automatically make them anti white or a racist themselves so this tactic you are using does not really work.

the so called shakedowns you accuse Jesse Jackson of were attempts to get black people entry level jobs in the mid 1970's when many companies were refusing to do so. he was not asking for unqualified people to be hired, just for black applicants with qualifications be considered. Jesse has always stood up and criticised racism ever since the Civil rights movement. Al Sharpton had a dubious episode with the Brawley case but moved on to being a big activist in NY and then onto the national stage. He is not irrelevant and his coming forward got rid of the odious Imus and his speaking out on Paris Hilton got a lot of attention to the fact that minorities got to jail routinely and are not let out because of medical issues. Sharpton is a leading voice againist police brutatlity and unequal treatment on the national stage right now. the whole Paris Hilton episode shows the double standard these activists and the minority community have complained about for years. the duke lax episode was another example of bought justice, IMO. and keep on telling yourselves that only one person said racial slurs, etc, if it makes you feel better as i know Kim is on 60 minutes saying it echoed and that means more than one person said it. good luck also trying to pretend the cotton shirt comment was ok and a good joke if it makes you feel better too. that does not change the fact that many people in the black community feel it was racist and an abusive episode and they are not going to apologise.

mac said...

1:12, 2:24 and now 2:23!
Still the same decrepit logic,
apologizing for the malignant
narcissist, Jesse Jackson.
The author sounds like "Bagdad
Bob," or one of the mouthpieces
of North Korea's little despot.

No, 2:23: Jesse Jackson is VERY
MUCH like the KKK, which used to
travel from town to town, telling
poor white people how it was going
to do something for them.
The poor whites took up collections,
the KKK would hit the road, and
"something" was never done for them.
Nothing was done for them.

Just like Jaxson (Lubiano inspired
mispelling) who collects money
but does nothing other than shine
a big spotlight on himself - and
tell people what he's gonna do
for them. And, like the KKK,
nothing ever happens - for them.

All I can say is: parents, if
Jesse's around, leave your daughter at home.

All I can say to 1:12, 2:24 and
2:23 is: breathe into a paper bag;
hyperventilation can be cured in
such a fashion.

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

2:33, the Paris Hilton case didn't cause the outcry because she was treated differently as a result of her race. It caused the outcry because she was treated differently because of her celebrity and fortune. Al Sharpton IS a racist. Apparently, you've heard of the Tawana Brawley incident. What about the Crown Heights riot? What about Freddie's Fashion Mart and the deaths his comments caused? What about his actions as a spokesman for LoanMax, a company that disproportionately damaged the African American community? He's a known racist and homophobe, yet you defend this idiot?

Have you never heard of Jesse Jackson's "Hymietown" remark in 1984? Have you never heard about him saying that he was "sick and tired of hearing about the Holocaust"? Or how about the Budweiser boycott which was ended when Anheuser-Busch sold a distributorship to his sons when his sons had absolutely no experience in that industry? Jackson too is absolutely a racist and a shakedown artist, and a pitiful excuse for a human being.

We've never said that one person used racial slurs. Two people did. One of them just happened to be a stripper.

Anonymous said...

Jesse Jackson had a child out of wedlock? LMAO.

Anonymous said...

Mac and Mandlebrot--
Thanks for your well-written, factual, and informative comments.
I feel sorry for 1:12, 2:24, 2:33.
From the quality of their writing, this person appears to be a Southern black racist. Probably from Durham.

Anonymous said...

you are full of it. the kkk was not a civic organization that campaigned and poor whites took up collection to pay for promised civil improvements. you need to buy a history book. the kkk was composed of various members of the white community( although now it is reduced to the poor white group who is less educated) and was a covert terroristic organization that used methods like lynching and arson and rape to try to control the newly freed black population and maintain white supremacy and the codes of Jim crow segregation. they never promised whites anything other than to keep blacks in their "proper place", ie, subjugated. the kkk largely succeeded in their goals in the south until the advent of the mass civil rights movement among southern blacks. The klan activity escalated as blacks challenged white supremacy and segregation and the increasingly violent Klan methods( ie, the mass bombings in Birmingham, etc) caused too much disruption in the south and the fbi then took steps to break up the klan.

As for Sharpton, i mentioned the Brawley situation but as i said, his other causes have been to expose racism and you guys do not like that because you are trying to foster the myth that whites are no longer racist. you still are to a certain extent, you are just less overt.

as to Jackson, nice try in trying to compare the Hymietown remark to the n word but it will not work as the word Hymie is actually an affectionate term in NY for jewish males; Jackson did not use the more odious kike and he said that the jews run NY. as to the holocaust, many blacks feel that too much emphasis is placed on this event when the longer black holocaust of the middle passage slave trade with millions of more dead and that lasted centuries is ignored and blacks are told repeatedly to forget slavery and the middle passage while it is ok for jews to dwell on the holocaust. what is the difference? to many blacks, it is because jews are classed as whites and therefore are more entitled to be upset about the holocaust whereas black people are not allowed to discuss slavery and its after effects any more because, well, white people are tired of hearing about it and want to pretend that slavery had no lasting effects whatsoever. any economist or sociologist will tell you that premise, that slavery had no lasting effects is bs as black americans were deprived of inherited wealth they generated for centuries and then were freed with nothing and were still in an oppressive economic system like Jim crow where they could not take certain jobs on general principle. after the civil rights movement, things improved dramatically but black americans still suffer from the economic effect of less inherited wealth that goes back generations. that is the case for reparations for slavery but i will stop here as it is off topic. and please do not dredge up the old argument that no one alive owned slaves , that you are from the north and did not own slaves and that you are from immigrants and your family did not own slaves. if you are a white and from the North but have worked for any of the major corporations that were founded and started during the slave trade(many of the old New England companies started this way), or are a descendent of southern whites, or your family was employed by a company with Jim Crow hiring practices and you then inherited wealth from your forbears who benefitted from those times of inequity, you, too have benefitted from the system.

mac said...

Since I have a little Native American
blood in me, you can kiss my butt:
get off of my ancestors' land!
(that's a half-joke, just as
I'm a fractional Native American.)
But if you want to see people
who were murdered, driven off their
land? By blacks as well as whites?

What the KKK did to blacks is no
comparison to what blacks and
whites did to the folks who owned
these lands. President Jackson
is a pre-Hitler to some.

Better look in the mirror, chum
(or chumette.) You're looking
for specks in other people's
eyes, and you have a big log
stuck in yours. Like: maybe
I'm one of those "secret racists?"

Let's see: how about stopping
with the name-calling? I never said
the KKK wasn't a racist bunch,
but Jesse Jackass is racist to
the core: he spit in the food of
white people when he was a waiter.
He admitted it!
And I don't think he's changed.

Maybe you think snot is a spice?

Mandelbrot's Chaos said...

The fact of the matter, my dear, delusional 7:43, is that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are racists of the worst sort, and are the African-American equivalent of David Duke and Matt Hale. The argument against reparations is a valid one. In essence, you want to get some benefits from the suffering of your distant ancestors. What about the Irish who were discriminated against? What about the indentured servants, the medieval serfs, and the other oppressed peoples? And I won't even get into the question of who would pay for it. Your counterpoints have merely exposed your own racism and ignorance, and you are beneath even my contempt.

mac said...

Mandelbrot's Chaos,

You're right, of course, but
you forgot misogynist: that's what
you call someone who sleeps with
the help. Like Jesse did.

"Heps" to be up in the house
while others are in the fields,
digging in the dirt.

Anonymous said...

You're a crazy zealot who is filled with an extraordinary amount of denial, hate, and racism. You are in such denial that you continually downplay the criminal and unethical activities of Jackson, Sharpton, and other "leaders" you try to elevate as being decent when they are not.

If only the media, especially local outlets, would cover and expose people like you instead of downplaying the rampant racism you bring to everything you touch, then blacks wouldn't have a leg to stand on with the constant blame game.

They'd have to stand on their own for once. Though more and more I see that happening and the behavior of racists and scoundrels like you who relish damaging innocent people have helped that attitude change along.

Perhaps we all should be grateful for your ill-conceived and pathetic diatribes. They reveal how black people really think and how low they are willing to stoop.

Anonymous said...

you are full of it as usual. i do not have to kiss your butt as this is my ancestors land also as i am also part native american, like many american blacks( i am part black, white and native american). the native americans are definitely a part of the black american gene pool (whites are a portion of our gene pool as well); because of the so called slave codes, a half black half native american was still a slave because of the one drop rule( ie one drop of black blood made you black so you could be sold as a slave). the native americans often helped blacks escape in slavery and in fact the seminole wars in fla were fought about native americans protecting escaped blacks. some native americans, notably the cherokees, also adopted white ways and enslaved some blacks for their farms. in areas where this happened, there are a large proportion of the blacks having native american descent( from the same coerced sex circumstances as in the white farms/plantations). enslaved blacks did not join in the wholesale slaughter of the native americans in the southern states as they were not allowed to be armed. it was against the law to give a gun to an Indian or a black man. some blacks were part of army units involved in conflicts in the west but that was after emancipation. by and large, the planners and executors of the policy to exterminate native americans were white. like your fanciful history of the KKK, which was patently absurd, your statement about blacks and whites both destroying the indians is similarly flawed to anyone understanding the actual history of the US. please get a history book and learn something. i suggest PATHS TOWARD FREEDOM, the classic text about southern blacks and it has a chapter in it with the links between blacks and indians. you would especially like this book as it was written by the world famous Duke history expert , John Hope Franklin.

mac said...

I know something about Walter
Ashby Plecker. Do you?
I could have made your case for
you (certainly better than you

You forgot to address the issue
of Jackson spitting in the food
of white people, and of Jackson
(and Clinton, of course) having
their way with their subordinates.
Guess that doesn't fit in with
your perception of things, though - does it?

mac said...

The thing is, you're defending
a white man who was using
a black prostitute to thwart
an election. Do you know how
silly this looks?

And do you think the DPD is racially
innocent, with their record?
Perhaps you haven't been keeping
up: the DPD/Durham had to settle
with two groups of aggrieved parties.
Both parties were black,
both were either abused or were
falsely accused. Both parties
got settlements - deservedly so.
Forget what Addison says: he's
a dolt. (That is, if you've been
keeping up.)

You haven't got a clue...

Roger J. said...

Looks like this thread has a faculty member from the angry studies department attempting to defend the indefensible and doing so with slogans, propaganda, talking points, and other assorted tripe. The fact that s/he even believes the Revs J and S are leaders says volumes about her value system.

Dante said...

What does it mean that it is politically highly risky to engage in exchanging money for personal gratification?

I think it means don't associate with those who are in a lower class than you. They have less to lose, less distance to fall, and so you are more exposed.

Anonymous said...

Nifong should pay all the costs of defense that his false charges led to and should serve the prison time that these boys would have served if convicted. Losing his law license is not enough.

Anonymous said...

Does anyoe forget how this whole case came about?

The drunk stripper was found in a convenience store parking lot slumped over in a car and being disorderly. The lie about the rape did not come up because she went to the police, it came up because she was making an excuse for her behavior when someone called the police on her. She never said word one about rape until police went after her for her own conduct. It's called misdirection, it's called looking for sympathy, and it was obvious from day 1. Suckers. Oh yeah, Jesse Jackson is an opportunist who does what he does because he is incapable of getting work doing anything else. He's not qualified to do anything but run his mouth.