Monday, June 11, 2007

On the Bookshelf

Two books on the case will be officially released tomorrow. It’s Not About the Truth, co-authored by Don Yaeger and former coach Mike Pressler, offers a behind-the-scenes look at how everything that’s happened since last March affected Pressler, his family, and the senior class he had recruited to Duke. The book also provides background on the Duke lacrosse program, Durham, Crystal Mangum, Mike Nifong, and a summary of the case.

I was especially pleased to see a nuanced, sensitive portrayal of Sue Pressler, someone who has been a tower of strength over the last 15 months. Despite having every reason to respond to developments with bitterness, she’s done exactly the opposite, showing extraordinary class and grace.

A Rush to Injustice, co-authored by Nader Baydoun and R. Stephanie Good, has a few revelations, although it’s more of a personal memoir about how a Duke graduate came to view with distaste the actions of his university.

Today’s post will touch on the new items from the two books dealing with the legal and police aspects of the case; next week, after the Nifong trial, a similar post will examine some of the revelations regarding Duke.

Nifong’s Personality

Both books portray Nifong as a man with deep character flaws.

Three especially revealing vignettes:

1.) The Yaeger/Pressler book tells the story of Nifong, then traffic court czar, getting into an argument with a visitor from Chicago who had received a traffic ticket. The visitor wanted to settle the matter before heading home, so he wouldn’t have to return to Durham; Nifong, on the other hand, was incensed at having his lunch interrupted and started berating the man. (Sound familiar?) Exasperated, the visitor asked who Nifong was.

Nifong’s response? “My name is Mike Nifong and I am the Chief Asshole of the Durham County district attorney’s office.”

(Freda Black recalled that “a lot of people thought he was being paid too much to negotiate traffic tickets.”)

2.) Baydoun is the only author, it seems, to whom Wes Covington has spoken (Covington declined several requests from Stuart Taylor to be interviewed for our book). Covington told the story of a Duke undergraduate who had interned in Nifong’s office. On his first day, the student introduced himself and reached out his hand to Nifong.

Nifong’s response? “I don’t shake hands with interns.”

3.) Freda Black (admittedly not a dispassionate observer) commented on Nifong’s general trial strategy.

Nifong, she recalled, “didn’t really like to prepare very much for a case. He found it be thrilling to just sort of go and do it off the cuff.” This, certainly, appeared to be his approach to the lacrosse case.

Butch Williams observed, “Traditionally, he’s always been number two in a sled dog crew. When Nifong became number one, he still thought like number two. He didn’t know how to navigate those curves and took the sled right over the hill.”

Durham political consultant Brad Crone sounded the same theme to Don Yaeger, terming Nifong “aloof, arrogant, and very standoffish. He’s not the type of guy you would want to go have a beer with. And he enjoys being a prick.”

Nifong and the Case

The Baydoun book recounts several heretofore unrevealed conversations between Sgt. Mark Gottlieb and Covington. (Covington, by the way, comes across as clueless—he still was telling the non-captains on March 24 that they didn’t need lawyers.)

Gottlieb complained that he was being pressured by D.A.’s office to get the players in sooner rather than later. He also told Covington that the Nifong’s office had told him he had to get order.

This portrayal of events, of course, flies in the face of Nifong’s apparent strategy to blame his ethics difficulties on the DPD.

In the Baydoun book, Bob Ekstrand also states that Nifong, incredibly, wanted to arrange the arrests of Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty while they were in class—so the entire affair could be covered by the national press. This gambit was too much even for Judge Ron Stephens, who blocked it.

Also, Ekstrand’s investigator was the first person to speak with Angel Altmon (the Kroger’s security guard who encountered Kim Roberts and Mangum after the party). The investigatory asked Altmon if Mangum could have been raped; Altmon responded, “Ain’t no way.”

Neither Nifong nor the police have explained why they didn’t speak with Altmon—this blasé approach certainly contrasts with the claims from the Baker/Chalmers report that the DPD eagerly sought exculpatory evidence.

Crystal Mangum

The Yaeger/Pressler book has the most detail of anything yet to appear on Mangum’s pre-party activities and reputation. The always quotable Butch Williams mocked the early media coverage of the case, whose tenor was set in the deeply flawed Samiha Khanna interview, which made Crystal look like “Sweet Polly Purebred, who met some hooligans that took advantage of her.” Williams was blunt: “C’mon, kids. She wasn’t this little poor North Carolina Central student working the fields. She was a whore.”

Joe Cheshire, meanwhile, shared some of the results from defense research: namely that Mangum rarely saw her children, and that the defense couldn’t even prove that she was a fulltime student at NCCU. Given the schedule described in the various police statements on the case, it seems inconceivable that she could have been going to class fulltime.

Yaeger also obtained an interview with H.P. (“Fats”) Thomas, the former security manager at Mangum’s strip club. Thomas described Mangum as “more of a hooker than a stripper. She was stripping as advertising for hooking.” If that portrayal sounds familiar, it should: it corroborates Kim Roberts’ March 22, 2006 statement that Mangum wanted to return to the lacrosse house to make more money.

“This girl,” said Thomas, “is a professional streetwalker from Raleigh. She would do things for twenty, thirty, forty dollars.” Given her emotional instability, she was a ticking time bomb: “That could’ve been any one of us. These boys just ended up with the wrong stripper. Forget white or black for a minute. That could’ve been any one of us.”

In this week’s ethics trial, will Nifong claim that the police didn’t tell him of Mangum’s reputation before he launched his pre-primary publicity barrage claiming that “diffuse edema of the vaginal walls” provided conclusive medical proof of a gang rape?


Anonymous said...

I don't shake hands with interns.

and most inmates don't shake hands with former DA's, which will be a hardship for Nifong in the weeks to come as he tries to make friends in prison

Anonymous said...

And, other than Beth Brewer, no citizen of Durham calls for Nifong's removal from office. I'd be truly frightened to be a resident of that fair city. Justice is in short supply. Heck, civility is in VERY short supply.

Anonymous said...

Instead of accusing the lacrosse players, Nifong should have placed an immediate phone call to Child Protective Services regarding Mangum's two children.

Considering the information on their website, I am amazed no one from the department has done anything for Mangum's children, who now are three instead of two:

"Child Protective Services

The Child Protective Services program strives to ensure safe, permanent, nurturing families for children by protecting them from abuse and neglect while attempting to preserve the family unit.

Child Protective Services help prevent further harm to children from intentional physical or mental injury, sexual abuse, exploitation, or neglect by a person responsible for a child's health or welfare."

I am not making this up:

Anonymous said...

Did Governor Easley, who appointed Nifong, know of his bullying personality prior to the appointement? Did he know of Nifong's judgment and character?
And where is the leadership, Gov. Easley? Nifong still is the district attorney. What a disgrace for North Carolina.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked, shocked I say. Crystal Mangum is a whore! Better be careful or you'll wind up on the list of enemy's of UNUNTU!!

Anonymous said...

All the more reason I hope Nifong gets what's coming to him....and the Evans, Finnerty, and Seligman families get a front row seat!

Anonymous said...

JLS says...,

re: anon 12:21

Bullies like Nifong suck up to those with power over them. Bullies are ultimately cowards. And yes Nifong is a coward.

Also remember Nifong was a caretakes so Easley did not have to pick a black or white candidate and the Durham electorate could pick the next DA. But Nifong lied ot Easley and ran for election.

Gary Packwood said...

I am really quite amazed with many of these revelations.

If Magnum was all that she is portrayed to be, why on earth would she be selected by the escort service to perform for Duke students? Even an escort business has to have some rudimentary understanding of customer service...and the importance of repeat customers.

And, Nifong wanting to order the arrest of two of the guys in their classrooms would have advanced the feminist/anti-male agenda at Duke through the next century...and would have done nothing for Nifong...since he would not be there to put on the irons.

And a traffic ticket DA who is a prick with five year or more of experience usually shows up with cement boots in the local lake ...anyplace I have ever lived.

The boys in the 'hood' know how to take care of a high stepp'en prick of a traffic lawyer.

Nifong have a record? His neighbors frightened of him. Does he require a police escort to go to/from home?

And Freda just talks and talks and talks. Who does she know at the Durham Crisis Center?

Sounds like the authors are quoting and not rummaging around for connecting details.

Anonymous 12:13 makes a very good point. Is Beth Brewer the only sane person in Durham?


Anonymous said...

Butch - you are the man.

Anonymous said...

The "diffuse edema" was Dr Manly's observation. Is she on the hook and Nurse Lavicy off? Is no one on the hook except Nifong? Some of us have written for months that Gottleib and Himan were liars. Does this look to be true?

Michael said...

It would be nice if the Bar members trying the case read the two books before Tuesday. I think that this is unlikely unless they ordered them from the online services sometime last week.

Perhaps Tony Soprano could add Nifong getting arrested in his office to one of his videos.

Anonymous said...

Child Protective Services- Nifong
could of just asked his wife, who
runs the Guardian ad Litem office.

Why does NCCU continue to get
a free pass ?

Pretty skimpy stuff so far.

Anonymous said...

Just when you think Nifong is constitutionally incapable of uttering the truth, you read something like this:

“My name is Mike Nifong and I am the Chief Asshole of the Durham County district attorney’s office.”

Anonymous said...

If only Knifeong were an isolated case...

Unfortunately, DA's like him come from very large families. Pick a city or town, and meet his brother, his sister, his 1st cousin.

But I'm not complaining, because now it's one down and 24,999 to go.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to serve on a jury, ANY jury.

Anonymous said...

JLS says....,

re: Gary Packwood

If Magnum was all that she is portrayed to be, why on earth would she be selected by the escort service to perform for Duke students? Even an escort business has to have some rudimentary understanding of customer service...and the importance of repeat customers.

My guess is that Mangum was "selected" for this gig because she was all they could come up with. Despite the seeming decline of morals all around there is not a long line of woman waiting to go take their clothing off for strangers. I say this because as I remember the discovery Mangum got the call very late in the day and the two "dancers" came from different firms.

And, Nifong wanting to order the arrest of two of the guys in their classrooms would have advanced the feminist/anti-male agenda at Duke through the next century...and would have done nothing for Nifong...since he would not be there to put on the irons.

Nifong wanted to be sure that not a single black voter in Durham missed what he was doing. He also probably wanted to give the national media a good show as I bet he imagines himself on a future Nancy Grace show legal panel.

And a traffic ticket DA who is a prick with five year or more of experience usually shows up with cement boots in the local lake ...anyplace I have ever lived.

Sorry but people who actually put people in cement boots don't do it over trafic tickets. They have plenty of money and just pay the fine and move on. Or in case of a Nifong type, amoral and worried about a few dollars in pension, they purchase him.

TruthHurts001 said...

If Magnum was all that she is portrayed to be, why on earth would she be selected by the escort service to perform for Duke students? Even an escort business has to have some rudimentary understanding of customer service...and the importance of repeat customers.


Remember, the Lax team specifically requested a white and a hispanic dancer. The escort service(s) sent two black dancers.

It is quite apparent that selectivity was NOT high on the escort service's list of priorities.

Anonymous said...

The lacrosse team did not specifically request a white and an hispanic dancer.

In reading DF's statement, it appears that he was inexperienced in ordering strippers, and failed to specify what he wanted. It is my guess that he assumed that Allure Escort Service (which had provided stippers to numerous Duke parties) would send white dancers. When the Allure rep told DF that they could send "one hispanic and one with brown hair with blond highlights", that was accepted. It was not until Kim Roberts (who is not hispanic, but actually half-AA/half-Korean) showed up that DF, and the rest of the team, realized that they had not gotten what they had expected, but by that late in the evening they did not object.

I doubt that when DF heard that he was getting a dancer with "blond highlights" that he could have possible imagined CGM.

Anonymous said...

One other revealing aspect of Nifong's character is the statement by Jackie Brown, Nifong's former campaign manager, that Nifong deferred all political decisions to his wife, Cy Gurney.

I believe it is very likely that Cy was the first person to grasp the political opportunity to exploit the African-American electorate in Durham with racially inflammatory accusations as a means of securing her husband's professional position and future pension.

I hope that Cy Gurney is enjoying the trap that she has laid, inadvertantly, for her husband.

Anonymous said...

The question is how this escort service manages to remain in business if they're as un-selective as they appear to be.

It's kind of like the contaminated pet food that killed all those dogs. Even if your dog was unharmed, you might not buy the contaminated brand ever again.

Similarly, I can't imagine other Durham men calling the same escort service given the risk that they could send over an intoxicated woman of the wrong race who might accuse them of rape.

Anonymous said...

Just finished Yeager's book. The Presslers are indeed the classiest act in this case. Not to make light of the Duke Lax 3 and their wonderful families, but the Presslers were probably the glue that held the families together and enabled them to stand up to Nifong and the rest. Now, let's get on with the hanging.

Anonymous said...

In the Beydoun book, Bob Ekstrand also states that Nifong, incredibly, wanted to arrange the arrests of Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty while they were in class—so the entire affair could be covered by the national press. This gambit was too much even for Judge Ron Stephens, who blocked it.

On her show that night, from what I have read, Nancy Grace was livid that they had not arrested the students while in class and really humiliated them.

I find it interesting that even a lout like Stephens thought that was too much. While I give the man no credit and blame him almost as much as I blame Nifong and the Durham Blue Wall of Silence, I am glad he at least had that small speck of decency.

Given the lack of decency in Durham during this affair, I guess we need to be thankful for anything we get.

My sense of Nifong in the Yaeger book was much the same thing. He is a megalomaniac and a bully, and someone who really should not have ever been given power over other people. Prosecutors like Nifong really are ticking time bombs.

Anonymous said...

This comes from the ABC News story that K.C. linked:

However, numerous prosecutors have told ABC News that a rape could have occurred and that convictions were possible even if there was no semen found on the accuser. The alleged victim does not say in any affidavit whether any of her attackers ejaculated during the alleged assault.

The report also says that tests looking specifically for blood on the fake fingernail found in a bathroom trash can were negative. This could be significant because the accuser has said that she broke her fingernails while defending herself against the alleged attackers, and scratching them. It is unclear, however, whether her scratches drew blood.

Notice how the prosecutors across the country closed ranks here? And look at the last sentence: it declares that all of these things really did happen, as opposed to "allegedly happened."

This story -- written by Chris Cuomo of the evil and obnoxious family of political operatives -- is a reminder of just how biased the early coverage really was. Cuomo especially was bad, and he publicly excoriated the attorneys for defending their clients, as he said such defense would keep other rape victims from speaking out.

These people simply are evil. And if many of the readers of this blog could figure out early that these charges were bogus, why did the prosecutors across the country not figure it out, given they are much more experienced in the investigation of rapes than we are?

The reason is obvious: most prosecutors do not care about the truth. They only want convictions, and will do what they can to get them, and avoid those messy issues such as innocence.

Anonymous said...

With the Bar Hearing this week are you planning a Primer on the format and procedure of the hearing? For us non-lawyers it would be helpful to understand the process.

Anonymous said...

The Fongster said: "I don't shake hands with interns."

Obviously, former President Clinton should have taken this page out of the Fongster's intern play book. (Then again, maybe Clinton did.)

Anonymous said...

Having finished Yeager's book, I am now on my way to my county library to donate the book to their shelves. I want every North Carolinian to our state, because our local news media hasn't said much!

Anonymous said...

The PC Crystal Mangum speaks:

Hello, I'm a brilliant honor student working my way through college while caring for 2 young children. I am most sexually desirable, so it was to be expected that spoiled, horny Duke lacrosse players would kidnap and rape me in a most brutal fashion. Being a moral person, I had these ruffians arrested. I'm most pleased that brilliant Duke professord like Wahneema Lubiano and Grant Farred have defended me, and thanks too to the Rev. Jesse Jackson for offering to pick up my tuition. Have to go: need to study and take care of my children.

Let's hear from the real Crystal Mangum:

[editor's note: Crystal can't write; she's a lying whore; and she be fat and ugly]

She truly is the perfect victim.

Anonymous said...

Butch Williams is a witty guy and has always put a "homespun" twist on things.

He and Ken Spaulding--who, btw, was chosen to be on the panel--used to be in practice together in the building where the Parizade is located. Wonder why they split.

Is Butch too candid?.....and does not go along enough with the loony status quo in Durham?

Given Spaulding's local friends and connections, I am curious if he will render anything authentic and objective to the panel.

Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Clinton wasn't into shaking hands either. He just sat back in his chair and allowed things to take their course.

Anonymous said...

Good post, Bill Anderson.

As a group, prosecutors rank with Stalin and Mugabe.

My suggestion is to never allow the law to simply "take its course."

Anonymous said...

Bill Anderson uncharacteristally leaps to a false conclusion:

"'numerous prosecutors have told ABC News....'

Notice how the prosecutors across the country closed ranks here?"

You don't know that. All you know is that after some number of phone calls (possibly as many as 10,000) some plural number of prosecutors (perhaps as few as two) said what was quoted above, in answer to an unknown question.

One of the odd quirks of journalistic "ethics" is that while making up a quote and inserting it directly is considered wrong, interviewing and interviewing and interviewing until someone tells you what you want to hear, then using that quote while neglecting to mention all the ones who told you what you didn't want to hear, is considered perfectly OK.

Also, what question did they ask? It might have been "What are the best and worst possible lights in which this case could be viewed?" Then they only used the first half of half the answer.

Don't get me wrong, I fully believe a lot of DAs are more concerned with protecting "one of their own" than with justice. But I base that on the deafening silence of DAs *not* calling for Nifong's head. I don't base it on anything reported by ABC news, which, by virtue of being on ABC news, is probably a lie.

Anonymous said...

1:07 --

I don't see why Dr. Manly would be on the hook. No one, to my knowledge, has disputed that Mangum had diffuse vaginal edema. The statement that someone (perhaps multiple someones) should be on the hook for is that the edema was somehow an indicator of gang rape, since there are a hell of a lot of more commonplace things than gang rape which can cause such edema.

Anonymous said...

"Bill Anderson uncharacteristally leaps to a false conclusion"

You don't know that.

GaryB said...

Somewhere up to ~4% of the population are effectively sociopath at some level, over a quarter of the prison population is, and perhaps the vast majority of serial murders.

If you can't sculpt or draw, a large part of the problem is that you simply lack the brain circuitry that allows you to do this task, or perhaps even to conceive it. Sociopaths lack the circuitry of empathy (to varying extents). Serial murders do not feel sorry for their crimes, they do not even know what "sorry" is except in the most abstract sense that it is some emotion others have that they can make use of.

Most sociopaths do not become murder's of course and most don't totally lack empathy, just highly diminished, but they are cold calculating people, they will try to get away with whatever they can, they often function as basically "con men/woman". They'll lie, falsely praise etc to get what they want. They often derive a pleasure from others pain simply because they lack the balancing side of empathy.

IMHO Nifong is some level of sociopath. I bet if you were to dig, you'd find lots of this in his past. Some people might think highly of him because such people are con's. They feign goodness etc as needed, especially towards those who have power over them. One sign of not being a sociopath are those who'll stand up to their boss when they think things are wrong -- that kind of behavior has no utility for a sociopath. Under stand that and you'll understand what makes Nifong tick.

Anonymous said...

Uncharacteristally - maybe not,

Anonymous said...

I can not wait to watch Nifong squirm.

GaryB said...

Jun 11, 2007 5:40:00 AM said...

The question is how this escort service manages to remain in business if they're as un-selective as they appear to be.

Similarly, I can't imagine other Durham men calling the same escort service

They are off my list for sure :-)

c'mon, these business exists in the cracks between legality and not. Go ahead, someone in Durham try to call them -- I bet you that service no longer answers. They don't have a real address guaranteed, at most a P.O. Box. I suspect they immediately changed names and address and are still doing a healthy (at least financially) business. They might even still sell time with Crystal and it will be 10 years before she falsely accuses someone(s) else of rape.

Anonymous said...

What about her children??!! The best thing I heard was that she rarely sees them...but, WHO IS RAISING THEM??? These poor kids deserve to live a normal life...are they getting that??? Cy Gurney, you hypocrite don't give a damn, do you???!!

Anonymous said...

Carolyn says:

KC, I've always been confused as why people don't realize the real reason why Nifong refused to talk to Crystal about the rape. It's so obvious.

For god's sake, the man spent years prosecuting the killer of one of her family. There's no way he could have come out of that without seeing what a lunatic she was. If he had any doubts, her trying to kill one of his own cops sure would have proved it.

That's why Nifong refused to talk with her after she cried 'rape'. He already knew by then she was a mentally deranged prostitute whose word couldn't be trusted if she said water was wet. Ergo, her cry of 'rape' had to be a lie. But Nifong desperately needed that lie to win an election he was losing - he couldn't risk having it destroyed. And two seconds with Crystal blabbering about levitating in the bathroom of 910 Buchanan would have done just that. So Nifong kept the lie alive the only way he could - by not talking to Crystal at all.

Anonymous said...

Not obvious to me.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Mike Nifong's book with co-author Crystal Gail Magnum.
Bet there about 88 people who will buy it...

Anonymous said...

Look people--lets not get carried away. Keep in mind one key reason why NY City became livable again is due to couragous cops, judges, and prosecutors.

Yes, that are more slimy unethical DAs out there. But I'll take them over most of the defense attorneys. Did you see the Innocence Project say or do anything in support of the Duke 3 even though DNA evidence was being manipulated?

Maybe this is another way Nifong messed things up--he has got everybody acting backwards. People that usually condemn the cops were backing Nifong and law and order types were backing the defense lawyers.

I have great admiration for the work of Cheshire and the rest of the defense attorneys. But keep in mind they usually are defending crooks, killers, rapists, and other bad people. OJ walked and much of the credit blame goes to jokers like Barry Scheck.

Why is everyone so surprised that people like Nifong and the DPD exist? Or that the NY Times has no interest in the truth? Or that some feminists do not care about woman? Or that some academic types cannot think clearly and or have any ethics or morals? Or that some cops lie?

Please lets not forget Nifong only got away with this (for awhile) becuase the media, local "leaders", a voting block that took the wrong side for whatever reason, and chickhearted politicians let him.

We really do not want to make it easier for criminals to walk the streets do we?

mac said...


Well, we don't want to make it easier
for criminals to walk the streets.
Right. And we don't want innocent
people being crushed under the weight
of an arbitrary system, either.

In Bedford, Virginia, a prosecutor
failed - twice - to gain a conviction
of a man who was under extreme
pressure to finish the D-Day
Memorial in time for President
Bush's visit. The man made
several errors-of-judgement, but none of
them rising to their perceived level criminality.
A jury agreed that the prosecutor
did not make his case. (boo-hoo!)

According to the government
prosecutor, the reason for the
"crime" was that the man
benefitted from his misdeeds.
And just how did he benefit?

Prosecutor H. said:

"His reputation was enhanced."

Must have been like one of those
enhancement products as advertised
on television, because no one in
the region could see how he could
have benefitted from a project that
was unable to raise needed funds
in a timely manner.

But then, that's one Federal Prosecutor
whom "Fez" should have fired.

No, we don't want criminals to walk
the streets. Nor do we want to
criminalize everything, including
non-crimes - (in the Duke case, no
crime was committed on the night
in question.)

As much as we need courageous cops,
judges and prosecutors, we have to
understand: this isn't Italy.
We need honesty from these
guys; if it requires courage,
we're already in the Mediteranean,
about to land on the boot.

Anonymous said...

2:27 --

As others have pointed out here in the past, the Innocence Project gets involved in cases where a conviction has already occurred and the examination of DNA evidence might show that conviction to be false. Since the case never progressed to a verdict, it would have been premature for the Innocence Project to involve themselves. Even putting that aside for the moment, before Meehan's conspiracy with Nifong was revealed on the stand, they had every reason to believe that what they do -- make sure DNA testing is done when it could potentially exculpate defendants -- was already being done. Once the conspiracy was revealed, they might have done something -- but what? What could they have done that wasn't being done by Brad Bannon, and quite ably? I don't think the facts support whatever point you're trying to make.

Anonymous said...

Wes Covington is an asshole too. I had a run-in with him in the mid-80s, and it convinced me that the DAs were in bed with the judges and that you could forget about justice in Durham ...

Anonymous said...

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