Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Responding to Syl Jones (and Nifong)

An excellent letter in today’s Star-Tribune responding to the Syl Jones column I recently critiqued. As so often has occurred in this case, the voice of reason comes from a Duke student, in this case Sarah Bennett, a member of the Class of 2006:

In his rush to ridicule “conservative cheerleaders” and criticize “rich white kids,” Syl Jones failed to thoroughly research the Duke lacrosse hoax before writing his June 24 commentary.

Jones portrayed the falsely accused as unremorseful over having attended the party. However, as early as March 28, 2006, the players made a statement expressing their “sincere regret over the lapse in judgment in having the party on March 13 which has caused so much anguish for the Duke community and shame to our families and ourselves.” Additionally, the players have repeatedly spoken out about what they've learned throughout the past year and how they hope this case will highlight problems within the criminal justice system.

I am also troubled by Jones’ statement that “something did happen” at the party. Instead of hiding behind ambiguous statements, Jones should have explicitly stated what he believed the players were guilty of and provided evidence for his claim. It is this ambiguity that has allowed those who wish to blindly vilify the players to make insinuations without having to provide any evidence.

The Duke lacrosse case has shown how out of control a false accusation can become. While I doubt that any Duke lacrosse player will ever again hire a dancer or host a raucous party at which underage drinking is present, writers like Jones seem all too willing to ignore the lessons of the past year, and instead continue to make baseless accusations and presumptions about the lacrosse players.


Anonymous said...

hopefully the chronicle will permit ads that take on the anti american GROUP OF 88

Anonymous said...

The major newspaper in most of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin is the Star Tribune. Anybody with a brain in this region understands that it’s a little less accurate then the Weekly World News.

The news should be on the opinion page, and the opinions should be used for septic system filler.

Tom E.

mac said...

Syl Jones?
"Expletive deleted"
"Expletive deleted"
"Expletive deleted"

And his mother is one, too.

Anonymous said...

While I rabidly favor "free speech," including the right of all idiots to spew idiocy, at this point no responsible publication should print allegations that "something happened" unless the author is able to specify:

WHAT happened? (accounting, please, for the mysterious absence of any lacrosse DNA)

WHO did it? (accounting for solid alibi evidence)

WHEN did it happen (considering the impossibly tight timeline defined by independent eyewitnesses and electronic evidence)?

WHY did the "second stripper" state that The Whore's Tale was "a crock", and was impossible since said Whore was only out of her sight for about 5 minutes?

To publish ignorant blubberings that "something happened," without requiring some semblance of argument why such a lie is plausible, is irresponsible journalism.

So, all you "something happened" morons and liars: I respect your "rights" to be stupid, but if you wish to be believed -- Put up, or shut up!

Anonymous said...

The Disgrace of the Duke 88
on Tuesday 26 June 2007
by Carey Roberts

The three lacrosse players have been declared innocent, Duke University has agreed to a multi-million dollar settlement, and Michael Nifong's law license has been yanked. But unfinished business remains.

Three weeks after Crystal Gail Mangum made her false allegations of rape, 88 Duke professors ran an advertisement in the student newspaper asking, What Does a Social Disaster Sound Like?

The rambling April 6, 2006 statement lamented, " one is really talking about how to keep the young woman herself central to this conversation, how to keep her humanity before us." But no mention was made about the humanity of three male students falsely accused of rape.

Worse, the professors' manifesto used the logic of the lynch mob, fostering the notion that since a Black woman claimed to be a victim of rape, everyone at Duke was now tinged with racism: "We go to class with racist classmates, we go to gym with people who are racists. It's part of the experience."

Exactly who are the members of the Duke 88 and what is their agenda?

The most vitriolic member of the bunch was professor Houston Baker, who repeatedly indulged in racist and sexist claims. In his letter to Duke provost Peter Lange, Baker charged, "Young, white, violent, drunken men among us - implicitly boasted by our athletic directors and administrators - have injured lives."

Young, violent, drunken men among us - Dr. Baker, that's the language of the KKK, not of a university teacher.

Karla Holloway, chair of the university's Race Subcommittee, justified her membership in the Duke 88 because she desired to express her support for "all" students at Duke. When asked whether her support for all students included the beleaguered lacrosse players, she refused to answer.

When Crystal Gail Mangum changed her story for the umpteenth time and the case had more holes than the frayed netting of a lacrosse stick, the Duke 88 fell back on their neo-Marxist slogans and stereotypes.

History professor William Chafe made the claim that "Sex and race have always interacted in a vicious chemistry of power, privilege, and control." Somehow Dr. Chafe forgot his history lessons about the notorious case of the Scottsboro Boys, the nine Black teenagers who were falsely accused of rape in 1931.

Wahneema Lubiano outrageously argued the lacrosse players were probably guilty since they were "the exemplars of the upper end of the class hierarchy, the politically dominant race and ethnicity, the dominant gender, the dominant sexuality, and the dominant social group on campus."

Rich, white, male, and heterosexual - yep, guilty as charged.

So when the DNA tests failed to link Mangum to any of the lacrosse players, Lubiano pooh-poohed the news as part of a "demand for perfect evidence on the part of the defenders of the team."

Likewise, professor Thavolia Glymph fretted the DNA results would cause the Duke 88's crusade to transform the campus to start "moving backwards."

And even after her radical leftist colleagues fell under withering criticism, Gang of 88 member Paula McClain refused to express remorse. "I'm not going to be intimidated into modulating speech," she retorted.

And for real entertainment, a visit to the websites of the Duke 88 provides a revealing glimpse into the mindset of these academic elites.

Like professor Kathy Rudy's website that reports she is "Currently workig on a new project critiquing animal rights from speciesist persective."

Speciesist perspective? Workig?? Thank goodness this black-gowned agitator is teaching women's studies, not English spelling and grammar.

And literature professor Antonio Viego, whose website proudly announces he specializes in "queer ethnic studies and lesbian and gay theory." Parents, have you ever wondered where your $34,000 tuition money is going?

The Duke 88 advertisement marked a critical turning point in the Mangum rape case. It condoned the actions of the campus potbangers, hardened racial divisions in the Durham community, and provided fodder for Michael Nifong's re-election campaign.

And just 12 days after their statement came out, two members of the lacrosse team were arrested on charges of rape, first degree sexual offense, and kidnapping. A month later, a third player was indicted.

A year later, these young men have been declared innocent and a semblance of normalcy restored to their lives. But their names and reputations are forever associated with a heinous crime.

Meanwhile, the identities of the Duke 88 remain unknown to the public, their deed of infamy hidden behind the cloak of anonymity and plausible deniability.

So let it be said that these 88 men and women acted in a scurrilous manner to foster race hysteria, inflame gender relationships, and trample on the due process protections for three men falsely accused of the crime of rape:

1. Stan Abe - Art, Art History, and Visual Studies
2. Benjamin Albers - University Writing Program
3. Anne Allison - Cultural Anthropology
4. Srinivas Aravamudan - English
5. Houston Baker - English and African & African-American Studies
6. Lee Baker - Cultural Anthropology
7. Christine Beaule - University Writing Program
8. Sarah Beckwith - English
9. Paul Berliner - Music
10. Connie Blackmore - African & African-American Studies
11. Jessica Boa - Religion & University Writing Program
12. Mary T. Boatwright - Classical Studies
13. Silvia Boero - Romance Studies
14. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva - Sociology
15. Matthew Brim - University Writing Program
16. William Chafe - History
17. Leo Ching - Asian & African Languages
18. Rom Coles - Political Science
19. Miriam Cooke - Asian & African Languages
20. Michaeline Crichlow - African & African-American Studies
21. Kim Curtis - Political Science
22. Leslie Damasceno - Romance Studies
23. Cathy Davidson - English
24. Sarah Deutsch - History
25. Ariel Dorfman - Literature & Latin American Studies
26. Laura Edwards - History
27. Grant Farred - Literature
28. Luciana Fellini - Romance Studies
29. Mary McClintock Fulkerson - Divinity School
30. Esther Gabara - Romance Studies
31. Raymond Gavins - History
32. Meg Greer - Romance Studies
33. Thavolia Glymph - History
34. Michael Hardt - Literature
35. Joseph Harris - University Writing Program
36. Karla Holloway - English
37. Bayo Holsey - African & African-American Studies
38. Mary Hovsepian - Sociology
39. Sherman James - Public Policy
40. Alice Kaplan - Literature
41. Keval Kaur Khalsa - Dance Program
42. Ranjana Khanna - English
43. Ashley King - Romance Studies
44. Claudia Koonz - History
45. Peter Lasch - Art, Art History
46. Dan A. Lee - Math
47. Pat Leighten - Art, Art History, and Visual Studies
48. Frank Lentricchia - Literature
49. Caroline Light - Institute for Critical U.S. Studies
50. Marcy Litle - Comparative Area Studies
51. Ralph Litzinger - Cultural Anthropology
52. Michele Longino - Romance Studies
53. Wahneema Lubiano - African & African-American Studies and Literature
54. Kenneth Maffitt - History
55. Jason Mahn - University Writing Program
56. Anne-Maria Makhulu - African & African-American Studies
57. Lisa Mason - Surgical Unit-2100
58. Paula McClain - Political Science
59. Louise Meintjes - Music
60. Walter Mignolo - Literature and Romance Studies
61. Alberto Moreiras - Romance Studies
62. Mark Anthony Neal - African & African-American Studies
63. Diane Nelson - Cultural Anthropology
64. Jolie Olcott - History
65. Liliana Parades - Romance Studies
66. Charles Payne - African & African-American Studies and History
67. Charlotte Pierce-Baker - Women's Studies
68. Wilma Pebles-Wilkins
69. Arlie Petters - Math
70. Ronen Plesser - Physics
71. Jan Radway - Literature
72. Tom Rankin - Center for Documentary Studies
73. Marcia Rego - University Writing Program
74. Deborah S. Reisinger - Romance Studies
75. Alex Rosenberg - Philosophy
76. Kathy Rudy - Women's Studies
77. Marc Schachter - English
78. Laurie Shannon - English
79. Pete Sigal - History
80. Irene Silverblatt - Cultural Anthropology
81. Fiona Somerset - English
82. Rebecca Stein - Cultural Anthropology
83. Susan Thorne - History
84. Antonio Viego - Literature
85. Teresa Vilaros - Romance Studies
86. Priscilla Wald - English
87. Maurice Wallace - English and African & African-American Studies
88. David Wong - Philosophy

Anonymous said...

So eloquent. These yahoo "journalists," their editors, certain Duke "professors" and administration, et. al. - are they not continually embarressed at how they get out-classed by their students who display reason, facts, and the ability to articulate? They truely come off as dunces.

Anonymous said...

sorry, should be "embarrassed"

At least I know how to apologize :)

Anonymous said...

You would think that by now the AA community and its leaders would have learned. Mine Nifong took advantage of them and led them to believe he was their champion and defending honor.

In making statements like "something happened" all the african american community is doing is reaffirming the actions of Mr. Nifong and inviting the next Mike Nifong to use a racially charged situation to his or her advantage.

Essentially by continuing to even allow the notion that "something happened" they are continuing to allow themselves to be abused by Nifong and paving the way for future race baiters.

Anonymous said...

Syl Jones is black. So being "out of control" means never having to say your sorry.

Elaine to the Soup Nazi:



Anonymous said...

"In making statements like "something happened" all the african american community is doing is reaffirming the actions of Mr. Nifong and inviting the next Mike Nifong to use a racially charged situation to his or her advantage."

They're also inoculating white people against ever taking them seriously again. Which is really gonna suck for them the next time a black guy gets shafted by crooked cops.

Anonymous said...

Is the Fong now hospitalized?

Anonymous said...

"You would think that by now the AA community and its leaders would have learned."

The leaders have learned very well. They have learned that the MSM's short attention span combined with their own PC-teflon-coating means that they can jump on any bandwagon that comes along, grab air time and donations as long as it's going their way, and jump off again any time they like, and they will never be held to account.

Why the "AA community" doesn't wake up to how they're being suckered is another story ... but the MSMs unwillingness to tell the whole truth about guys like Jackson and Sharpton is a significant part of the problem.

mac said...

I said this before (pardon the repeat):

A slave to a lie is a slave;
a slave to a liar is a slave to
both lie and liar:
the 88 (88-1+1) and all the
collaborators are slaves -
(to Nifong) - and are thus both
slaves to the lie and the liar.

There is no such thing as a slave
to truth:
"the truth will set you free."

Question: why are there still so many
slaves around?

Anonymous said...

The correct response to "Something happened in the bathroom" is "Yeah, a whore stole some guy's shaving kit."

Anonymous said...

Has anyone here interview Victoria Peterson for her version of the facts?

And you have the audacity to criticize Mr. Nifong for failing to get all the facts straight!

Anonymous said...

Don't you cringe with embarrassment when you remember coming home after your first semester or two of college? Making an arrogant ass of yourself in front of your family with your new wordliness, superiority? Answers to all the world problems and smug amusement at your parent's ignorance? G88 and others like them never outgrew that immaturity because they never left for a mature real-world. They are only important in their own eyes and the eyes, perhaps, of a few bubble-headed freshmen each year. They are still embarrassing themselves in front of rationale adults, but too blinded by their own stupidity and self-importance to know it.

Anonymous said...

What does a social disaster sound like? [great prose, huh?]

Wahneema, "disasters" don't sound like anything, unless you're referring to rap music.

So, what "social disaster" is the Duke case really about?

The sad consequences of a black undeclass and ditto for the black cognitive underclass populating our finest universities.

What is a "Crystal Mangum"? She is society's worst nightmare--smart enough to racially exploit a situation, and smart enough to get other people to finance her breeding behavior. Mark my words, her male children will be big trouble and her female children will also breed irresponsibly.

What does a social disaster look like? Read the Moynihan Report, then visit AAAS at Duke.


Part (a):

Anonymous said...

"They are only important in their own eyes and the eyes, perhaps, of a few bubble-headed freshmen each year."

And in the eyes of their fellow faculty, who hire them and give them tenure. And in the eyes of university administrators, who cover for them and give them promotions.

"They are still embarrassing themselves in front of rationale adults, but too blinded by their own stupidity and self-importance to know it. "

And don't forget, they're still getting paid to do it.

Anonymous said...

From Quinn Talley:
Please consider donating to offset the cost of publishing the Somwell Ad in teh Duke paper.

From John Armor:

"Thank you for your interest. Here's the information I'm sending to everyone interested in helping.

Please let me know what you plan to do. I'll make the commitment today, because this is the deadline. However, we are well below the target of $977. My wife will be a lot less nervous if additional contributions are on their way, so I'm not quite as far out on a limb.


John /s/

John Armor

Below are the details that I've been typing out individually for each person who'd contacted me by freep-mail or ping. To make certain I've reached everyone on this very tight schedule, I'm sending this to everyone. So I apologize if you receive this twice.

Please send your check to "John Armor" with "for the Sowell ad at Duke" on the memo line. Mail it to me at Box 243, Highlands, NC 28741. Be sure to include your return address, because if we do not make the target (with my contribution on top), I will return all checks uncashed.

Please help spread the word. Per JimRob's preferences, we should not discuss fund-raising, other than for FreeRepublic itself, on open threads.

Thank you very much.

John / Billybob "

Phone number removed to spare John calls from trolls

Anonymous said...

I really hope someone, preferably a Duke alum or student, will compile as many of these types of letters defending the LACROSSE TRUTH and send them enmass to brodhead and steel. I am betting that both of these people still believe that something must have happened that night.

Anonymous said...

I remember my daughter coming home after a semester or two and telling me all about "Bowling for Columbine" and the evils of the NRA, Heston, yada, yada. I only commented that some of what she claimed as fact didn't sound right to me. It wasn't long before she learned a lot more but she wasn't embarrassed, she was mad! She couldn't believe how easily she had fallen for pure propaganda. But she went to Notre Dame where political correctness is not rampant. Thankfully Duke offered to put her on their wait list.

Anonymous said...

Saying "something happened" is so chicken chit. It's a way of casting blame on exonerated men without actually saying something you could get sued for. This clown needs to be a man and spit out exactly what accusation he's hurling or shut the F up.


Anonymous said...

2:34--your daughter is right to be mad. The entire premise of Bowling for Columbine is that white males are a bunch of gun crazy racist retards--while completely leaving out the fact that blacks males commit by far the highest amount of gun violence in this nation. He even films a spot in South Central where he stages a scene with a black father is playing catch with his little girl inside a white picket fence! Moore doesn't, of course, mention the fact that South Central has the second highest gun homicide rate in the nation, and virtually all of it is black on black or (these days)black Latino.

MM passes off the most deceptive propaganda I've ever seen since--I am stunned that anyone believes what he puts out there. Do five minutes of research and you'll see the truth


Anonymous said...

This just occurred to me:

What do the initials in "Something Happened In There" spell?

Anonymous said...

2:42 The biggest national secret we have is the data regarding situations where law abiding gun owners have successfully defended themselves.

Inre; to prior comments regarding the Gang of 88, admin, pot bangers, et al being on an elevator with someone passing terrible bad gas...nodding approval about how nice the air smells...the Michael Moore's of the world are the ones polluting the cabin.

Anonymous said...

These same academics put down the Moynihan Report and its author too. They yelled it down with the same tactics they used to accuse the lacrosse team members. Now there is a worse mess than ever. It is part of the reason for the tension in Durham with its incompetent city and education and police administrations floating over a septic layer of academic and public life gone out of control. The numerous killings in Durham cannot help but tense the whole tennor of the discussion. The threats to lynch and castrate that were encouraged to happen by the Group88 and not not to wait for the law were the work of a group of academics with no real responsiblity to anyone or even to their employer and least of all to their students or to the ideals of domestic tranquility or government on which this nation was founded, and they were finally outed in their mindset by an opportunity to oppress. However brief, the hoax was a cherished moment for them to be themselves.

Anonymous said...

The Duke Chronicle RULES!!!

Keep it up student reporters!!! You give us all hope!

Anonymous said...

Talk to me about racism after listening to a 50-cent tune ...

Anonymous said...

The 88 probably seemed really hip and really smart, talking to a bunch of 18-year old kids. And they must be really impressive intellectually, I mean, it's gotta be tough to get a "FUD" in AA Studies or Cultural Anthropology, right?

Anonymous said...

"Whatever happened is bad enough"!!! The feckless stumblebum his stooges are still in place. Why???????


Anonymous said...

Peckkerwood may be getting into the barbeque business. He has a video on Can't fully understand it, but appears to be about a couple of guys barbequing a billy goat.

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea:

Rather than throw away a large wad of coin at some nationwide newspaper article, why doesn't an anonymous rich Dook alum take out an ad every day for the next year that features a running count of the number of days elapsing since the atty general's pronounced exoneration without an apology the the G88?

mac said...

Syl: isn't he a member of a band:
Syl and the Family is Stoned?
Oh. "Sly." Sorry. Wrong goofball.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Duke alum> more need to speak out and defend the guys, let the admin know how atrocious they behaved. stop this ridiculous repeat of implied slander

Anonymous said...


Check Duke's website:
Laura Edwards also is listed under the Women's Studies Department
Eduardo Bonilla-Silvia's area of study is racial stratification & race relations
Paul Berliner has a music class listed under AAAS

one the website